Shelter dog nicknamed Ricasso earns £3k after his paintings are sold

'Ricasso' the dog who has earned $4,000 with paintings he made with a few wags of his tail
After a busy day of painting (Picture: Animal Welfare League of Alexandria)
Rico the dog is quite the artist. The shelter animal has raked in $4,000 (£3,050) for the other pups at a Virginia shelter after creating a whopping 20 paintings using his tail. The Staffordshire terrier created those works in just one season, wagging his paint-covered tail against a canvas.

Folks at the shelter then auctioned the six-year-old’s artwork off, with one selling for a tidy $600 (£457).

Not bad for a day’s work.

Art connoisseurs loved Rico’s work so much that all 20 items sold out within an hour.

The Animal Welfare League of Alexandria said the money raised from the auction will go into helping other animals in need.

Despite his artistic talents, Rico – aptly named Ricasso – has still not found his forever home.

So if you’re in the Virginia area, could you give this highly talented doggo a place to live?

Rico at the auction where he earned $4000 from his paintings
The star of the show (Picture: Animal Welfare League of Alexandria)

There’s plenty of free art in it for you.

In his profile, Rico is named as a people-loving ‘goofball’.

His bio reads: ‘I may be a little shy at first, but once you get to know me you’ll see that I’m a goofball who just wants to play fetch. I’ll be your partner on long hikes and walks on the beach, with breaks for water and treats, of course!’

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Rico's paintings
We want all of them (Picture: Animal Welfare League of Alexandria)
He loves being active and recently enjoyed a field trip to Alexandria’s Old Town.

The bio continues: ‘My friends here at the shelter tell me I’m a total “people-guy”, as I’d prefer to spend my days snuggled up next to my hooman, without the company of other animals.

‘If you’ve got room in your life for a goofy guy with a heart of gold, come meet me today!’

We wish we could meet the famous Ricasso, too. If you have a super talented pet, please get in touch to show off. Tell us more by emailing [email protected] .

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