Sheetal deshmukh: Here’s how you can become environmentally-conscious pet parents

With the increasing environmental concerns, it has become imperative to make conscious choices in our day-to-day lives. And while we ensure that we switch off the lights when not needed, turn off the tap after use, buy local, say no to plastic and plant more trees, for lower carbon footprint, many don’t really pay attention to becoming ecologically responsible pet parents. Your furry babies’ food, toys, grooming products, etc also have an ecological impact. Many pet parents have chosen to reduce the carbon footprints by being conscious and making simple changes in choosing the right and sustainable products for their pets and the activities they plan for them.
Pune-based homemaker Sheetal Deshmukh ensures that she donates old toys of her pets — Jimmy, Golden Retriever, and April, Persian Cat — to a pet shelter and reuses old toys of her friends’ or relatives' pets. Besides, she has now started to buy only wooden toys. “Initially, I did buy plastic toys, but now I’ve completely stopped buying them. I am a part of a Facebook group where a lot of pet parents barter toys, beds, bowls, etc,” adds Sheetal.

dog food
Delhi Hardeep Ahluwaliam businessman says that pet parents who take their doggos to the park cars must stop immediately. “It is important that you don’t drive to parks that are near your house and instead walk your pet to the park every day. You can help cut down carbon footprint to a great extent. I have been doing it for years.”

Gayatri Sharma, veterinarian and pet nutritionist, suggests that the best way to go eco-friendly while choosing food your pet is to feed them home-made food. “A lot of pet parents prefer readymade food for their four-legged babies. However, if it is not feasible for you to cook for them, make sure you don’t buy supplies that are packaged in single-use plastic. Another alternative would be to buy loose food from wholesale stores and carrying your own containers,” she adds.

Devanshi Shah, founder and CEO, PetKonnect, online pet community and pet services aggregator, shares a few ideas you can consider to reduce your carbon footprint:

Poop bags: Pet parents have become more aware of picking up after their furry charges when on a walk. Hence there has been a rise in the need to find biodegradable alternatives to single-use non-recyclable plastic pick up bags. You can either get recyclable versions of these bags or better yet you could use a pooper scooper which you can reuse and is very easy to clean. Even old newspapers are also a great eco-friendly option.

Pooper scooper

Pet paraphernalia: It is all about reducing, reusing, and recycling. Give old items to shelters or NGOs, or learn to craft them into something new that serves a different purpose. Just try to not throw things in the trash as much as possible. There are many recyclable products that are produced in a sustainable manner that you can shop for today.

Adopt, not shop:Adopting an animal from a shelter and giving it a forever home is not just one of the kindest things you can do, this also has a very positive impact on the environment by demoting breeding and taking animals off the streets.

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Spay and neuter your pet. Studies have shown that pets that are spayed and neutered live healthier, longer lives. Plus, spayed a neutered pets are less likely to develop behavior problems.

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