Separation Anxiety in Dogs

What is separation anxiety in dogs?

It is anxiety that manifests itself as visible stress within 30 minutes of the departure of the dog’s personality. Dog anxiety can vary from mild to severe. Separation anxiety is preventable and responds well when treated.

What causes separation anxiety?

By nature, dogs are social animals: they do not like being alone. Many dogs that live in stable, and structured homes will never suffer from separation anxiety, even if their people go off to work every day. In some dogs, however, separation anxiety might be triggered if there is a change in the family’s daily life or the dog’s routine. But, a dog will often accept change in his human family more easily if he isn’t the only pet.

Are there specific times when separation anxiety can start?

Here are some circumstances that may lead to separation anxiety:

  • A new home ( the dog moves to a new family)
  • A change in the amount of time you’re absent
  • A move to a different house (with the same family)
  • The death of a family member
  • A new baby
  • Time spent in a boarding kennel or away from you.
  • Time spent at the veterinary clinic

What are the signs of separation anxiety?

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