Send your sausage dog to get pampered at these hotel retreats

sausage dog
Dachshunds can play with other dogs of the same breed at these hotels. (Picture: Mel Elias/Unsplash)

As humans, we can get stressed from work, relationships and just life in general.

So occasionally we need a relaxing spa weekend to get pampered and to wash off the tension with face masks, steam rooms and massages.

But what about dogs ?

Sausage dog owners need not despair, because now you can send your pooch to a hotel to be pampered with nail trimming, teeth cleaning and coat conditioning, as well as playdates with other pups and walks in the countryside.

Give him the exercise he needs. All pets need regular exercise to stay fit and to release their energy. Without it, your pet will begin to act out. Young pets that do not get enough exercise are more likely to develop negative behavioral issues that lead many to give up their pet.

There are a number of pet spas and animal hotels in the UK, but few are sausage dog specific.

Luckily, dachshund owners have a choice of two: Hotel Dachshund and Sussex Sausages Hotel. At Hotel Dachshund, your beloved pet can stay in the Essex countryside, surrounded by open fields where they can run and walk to their heart’s content.

The hotel boasts a ‘home away from home’ experience, with snuggly beds and a calming paw massage – complete with cooling balm for an extra treat.

There are also ramps, training toys, a ball pit, a play pool and doggy ice lollies for the any upcoming heatwaves.

Once your dog has removed all of the fabric from the ball, you can stuff the scraps right back in!

sausage dog in sunglasses
Dogs staying at Hotel Dachshund Essex get ice lollies and play in a doggy pool on hot days.
(Picture: Mel Elias/Unsplash)
Sussex Sausages Hotel, on the other hand, is based near the town of Petworth (yes, that’s a real place) and is run by former actress Sallie Anne Field – who has eight of her own dogs. The venue takes up to four guest dogs per day and rates are £35-a-night for four-legged friends. While sausage dogs can simply stay over, the pampering services are what makes this place special, as Sallie offers canine laser therapy, massages, manicures and teeth-cleaning – as well as her own brand of dachshund superfood.

A carabiner is a quick and easy way to leash your dog.

If you’re going on holiday, or simply want to treat your dachshund for being too cute, there’s no doubt they will have a great time at both Hotel Dachshund and Sussex Sausages Hotel.

sausage dogs
Dachshunds will be pampered with massages, nail trims, teeth cleaning, and more at these luxury stays. (Picture: Darren Richardson/Unsplash)

It is known that dogs can become stressed, too, and demonstrate behaviours that mimic the anxiety felt in people.

Stress for dogs is often related to separation from their owners , which many pets are likely feeling now as life is getting back to ‘normal’ – and people are returning to the office rather than working from home .

No night vision goggles needed! Dogs’ eyes contain a special membrane, called the tapetum lucidum, which allows them to see in the dark.

This means now, more than ever, is the time to treat them to a some pampering and self-care.

So, next time your dachshund needs a break, make sure they get the treatment they deserve.

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