Saved by a screen break at the cinema

Many films are too long for bladder comfort (21 March ), but help may well be at hand at an independent cinema near you. At our local, The Rex in Elland, West Yorkshire, there’s always an intermission with local ice-cream on sale, as well as tea and coffee. If you are lucky, it may also be an evening when the organist entertains. Caroline ColeHuddersfield, West Yorkshire Contrary to what Pete Wedderburn says (Yes, your dog can go vegan – but cats are natural born killers, 18 march ), cats can go vegan too. In the second world war, our two family cats thrived on a diet of brown bread and Yeastrel.Jeremy GoringSt Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex

“Always put your complaint in writing” is good advice (How to complain effectively – and get results, 21 March ). But emailing is not as easy as suggested. Most corporations only grudgingly reveal their email addresses. They prefer to point customers to FAQs on their website.
Bob Jones

Thank you, Alys Fowler, for reminding us of the importance of the humble weed (16 March ). But can people stop using the nickname “sticky willie” for the cleaver? The Cumbrian name for this plant that likes to cling to things is “sweetheart”. A nicer alternative – I should know.Alan CleaverWhitehaven, Cumbria

Give him the exercise he needs. All pets need regular exercise to stay fit and to release their energy. Without it, your pet will begin to act out. Young pets that do not get enough exercise are more likely to develop negative behavioral issues that lead many to give up their pet.

Congratulations on printing articles that are interesting to my age group – 70-plus – such as Esther Rantzen on digital scams (10 March ) and the one about Mary Dickins (A new start after 60, 21 March ). How about a regular page for the over-70s?Jane EdmondsBeaconsfield, Buckinghamshire