Samoyed loves making friends with shy orphaned calves

 Snow and Teddy the baby cow
‘Yes you can speak to me and my son again’ (Picture: Krysten Pierre/Mercury Press)
Meet Snow, the Samoyed who loves taking scared and timid new foster cows under his wing. His owner, Krysten Pierre, 36, has been fostering calves for her local rescue ‘Till The Cow’s Come Home’ for a few years now. Snow, seven, has always been fascinated by the sweet bovines and swiftly makes best friends with all the foster cows on the farm he lives on in Blind Bight, Victoria, Australia.

Once he’s brought new arrivals out of their shells, they’ll play and even snuggle up together.

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Mum of two Krysten has documented the bonds that Snow forms with the cows she cares for, with adorable footage showing cuddling, eating and relaxing with his big buddies. Krysten, a project manager, said: ‘Snow has always been so gentle with the cows.

‘When they first come to the rescue, they’re always so scared and timid, and for most cases, they’ve only been born a day.

‘It’s such a change in their short span of life, but Snow is there with them every step of the way.

‘He’s always been drawn to the sick and weaker baby cows that come in, and he’ll always go and cuddle up to them whilst they recover and settle in.

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‘As they settle in more, Snow will start to play with them and is always super gentle as he knows he’s a bit bigger than they are.

Snow and Phoenix the cow
Earth angels (Picture: Krysten Pierre/Mercury Press)

‘Equally, the cows love Snow. Quite a few of them form a really special bond with him and are always by his side.

‘One of the cows, Teddy, was obsessed with him and used to follow him everywhere, always wanting to play and do every little thing with him. ‘One of our current fosters, Bliss, is about the same size as Snow, so they love playing boisterously together.’

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Snow eating breakfast with cows Bailey Buckley Bliss and Missy
Snow eating breakfast with Bailey Buckley Bliss and Missy (Picture: Krysten Pierre/Mercury Press)

Most of the cows that come to the rescue are orphaned, with their parents having been slaughtered or used within the dairy industry.

Sweet Snow also moved around a lot as a pup, having been put up for rehoming in a local newspaper.

Krysten said: ‘Part of me thinks that because Snow was orphaned and moved from home to home too, he kind of understands how the cows feel.

‘He’s a very empathetic soul, who will just hang out with the cows until they feel comfortable.

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‘It’s like he knows when we are going to get more foster cows too, as he’ll always be at the front gate ready to greet them.

‘He’s so lovely and gentle with every creature and human that he comes into contact with.’

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