'Sad' dog who hasn't had any adoption interest seeks a forever home

Split image of Alfie the Jack Russell
The pup is eagerly awaiting an email from someone, anyone, to adopt him (Picture: Animal Rescue Cumbria)

Do you have the space and love to take in a dog looking for a forever home?

If so, we’d like to introduce you to Alfie. This adorable Jack Russell is having a tough time, with not a single adoption enquiry – and it’s making him sad. Currently housed at Animal Rescue Cumbria, Kendal, the eight-year-old pooch’s profile went live over a week ago, but there has been no interest. Meanwhile, Alfie’s pals in the centre have received dozens of enquiries respectively.

Unlike his furry friends, this ‘norty sausage’, as he is affectionately called, needs a bit of extra attention as he can’t live with children, only wants one adult owner and has some ‘behaviour issues’.

But he also has so much love to give.

‘Alfie is feeling a bit sad because he hasn’t had a single online adoption enquiry since his profile went live on our website on Wednesday and the two younger Labrador crosses we posted just 24 hours later have had over 150 enquiries between them,’ said a spokesman for the animal centre.

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Alfie the Jack Russell
Alfie doesn’t like cats or children but he has a lot of love to give to adult humans (Picture: Animal Rescue Cumbria)

‘He is looking for quite a specific home so we can understand why he hasn’t had loads of enquiries but if you aren’t able to offer him a home please share this post far and wide so our “norty sausage” can find his forever home.’

He’s also sensitive about cars, so would prefer to live out in the country – and doesn’t like cats.

‘Alfie is cheeky terrier who is looking for home with a single adult and with no visiting children, he will need to be the only pet,’ the dog’s profile reads.

‘Alfie is a great little dog and is full of character but does have a few behaviour issues which we have been working on since he arrived at the shelter.

‘He can be worried about traffic – particularly tractors, vans and lorries – so would be best suited to a rural home where he wouldn’t have to encounter much traffic on his daily walks.

‘Alfie gets on with most well-mannered dogs as long as initial introductions are done sensibly – he does love a good play with our younger staff dogs!

“Alfie has a history of resource guarding food, toys and his sleeping areas so is looking for a special new human who will take the time to understand how to manage this in his new home (full behaviour support will be provided).’

Does Alfie sound like the dog for you?

Then why not get in touch with Animal Rescue Cumbria and be the first person to enquire about this adorable pooch.

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