Sad and shocking! Adorable puppy found dumped 'COLD' and 'ALL ALONE' in car park

AN ADORABLE terrier puppy was heartlessly left to endure the cold and wet when he was dumped in a car park.

Wilber the dog dumped in cold

Wilbert the puppy dumped in car park (Image: RSPCA)

The black and white Patterdale cross was found shivering inside a travel cage open to the winter elements. Luckily, a kind-hearted member of the public spotted the terrified pup and took him home before alerting the RSPCA. Today the animal welfare charity condemned the “sad and shocking” abandonment in a car park in Pontypridd, South Wales, at the weekend.

RSPCA inspector Simon Evans, who has nicknamed the dog Wilbert, said: “Sadly and shockingly this young dog was left abandoned in his travel cage in a car park. He was found wet and must have been very scared.

“He wasn’t injured and is in good health but he wasn’t microchipped so we don’t know where he came from or who owns him. It does appear, however, that he was just dumped all alone in the cold.

“We will never truly know why people abandoned animals.

"We would always say to anyone who is struggling to cope with their animal that it is always best to ask for help either from friends and family or by turning to one of the many animal rescue organisations.”

Wilbert gets veterinary check

Wilbert gets veterinary check after cold ordeal (Image: RSPCA)

Having undergone veterinary checks at the RSPCA’s Merthyr Veterinary Clinic, Wilbert has been put in pet boarding with the hope of finding him a forever home.

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Inspector Evans added: “He is a very friendly dog, so if an owner is not found and he is made available for rehoming I’m sure he will make a great companion and will find his forever home.”

This latest dumping follows a worrying spike in callous dog abandonments in recent weeks.

Stoke-on-Trent witnessed three shocking cases over the festive period. Days after CCTV footage of a dog called Snoop being turfed out of a car went viral worldwide, animal cruelty investigators were left probing two other shocking cruelty cases in the city.

The travel cage Wilber was dumped in..

Open cage offered no protection for poor Wilbert (Image: RSPCA)

One involved a dog left dying in a ditch while the other saw the RSPCA trying to trace the owners of a nursing mother dog dumped by a busy road.

The case of Snoop the Staffordshire bull terrier-type pet shocked animal lovers globally after CCTV images showed a man getting out of a car with the pet and its bed then deserting it on the pavement on the other side of the road.

Pitifully, the dog can be seen climbing up at the car wagging its tail before the vehicle drives away.

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Since the RSPCA rescued the black and white dog, there has been a clamour by animal lovers to own him. Even superstar rapper Snoop Dogg has been reported offering him a new home.

The RSPCA is also investigating two other unconnected cases from the city. A male Jack Russell type-terrier was found dead under a bridge on the A527 near the Chatterley Whitfield Estate.

Snoop the dog chasing car

CCTV captures Snoop the dog being abandoned (Image: RSPCA)

Not only was the dog severely emaciated, it is believed he had spent his entire life in a cage because of the condition of his claws.

He also had matted fur that had never been brushed, was covered in sores and had urine scald burns. It is believed he died in the ditch.

An almost bald Staffie was also ound wandering near the busy A50 Uttoxeter Road, one or two days after giving birth, leaving fears her puppies will not survive without her milk.

The Staffie has been nicknamed Peppa because her bright pink skin reminds RSPCA carers of the children’s cartoon favourite, Peppa Pig.

The animal welfare charity says it witnessed a massive surge in emergency calls between Christmas and the New Year, with abandoned pets and wildlife getting into difficulty seeing its frontline officers working round the clock.

Snoop the dog recovering

Snoop the abandoned dog recovering after ordeal (Image: RSPCA )

basic puppy socialization

In all, the charity’s emergency line received 15,723 calls over the holiday period – a 36 percent rise on last year – and saw 750 animals helped by its team of inspectors and collection officers.

Among the tragic cases was a female terrier suffering from a horrific skin condition discovered shaking and terrified in a back garden.

Worried neighbours alerted the RSPCA when they heard anguished barking coming from the property in Bishop Auckland, County Durham.

When Inspector Lucy Hoehne arrived, she found the dog, aged around eight years, shaking and terrified and wearing a festive jumper over her bald body.

Anyone with information about any of these cases is urged to call the RSPCA’s appeal line on 0300 123 8018.