Rules And Regulations For Pet Grooming And Welfare Services

Rules And Regulations For Pet Grooming And Welfare Services

Are dog groomers open in lockdown? Latest guidance for pet services
Here is what we know about the rules and regulations for pet grooming and welfare services.


Are Dog Groomers Open In Lockdown?

The government has confirmed that dog groomers can stay open for lockdown if they follow certain restrictions.

Owners can only take their pooches for a grooming if it is deemed essential – for example if it’s a matter of welfare for the animal.

Handing over the dog must also follow a set of rules, as contact should be minimised between the pet owner and the groomer. Social distancing should also be followed at all times.

Dog grooming should only be done by appointment, and groomers are not allowed to visit an infected or self-isolating household.

All equipment must be disinfected between uses.

What Rules Apply To Visiting And Carrying Out Dog Grooming?

You should contact your dog groomer in advance to make an appointment, opting for a groomer who does not need to enter your home and where possible, offers a contactless drop-off and pick up service.

Leaving home to seek veterinary care for an animal is on the list of acceptable reasons for leaving your home during lockdown.

Additionally, aesthetic purposes which should not be the purpose of your grooming appointment include: “creative grooming, facials, nail painting, and fur-dyeing,” The Pet Industry Federation (PIF) confirmed on their website.

The industry experts added: “These activities should not be undertaken during a lockdown.”

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How Do I Groom My Dog At Home?

Throughout the first lockdown between March and June, dog groomers were forced to close but many provided tips for grooming your dog at home.

In the event that dog groomers are asked to close, there is a host of online tutorials to help you keep your pooch’s fur well cared for.

What Should You Do If You Can No Longer Care For Your Puppy?

Giving up your dog should be a last resort. If you believe you may have panic purchased a dog and can no longer care for them, there is plenty of help available. Some of the things you can do include:

Seek Help From A Dog Behaviour Expert

If you are finding your puppy hard to train or are struggling with their behaviour, an experienced dog behaviour expert will be able to help. “This can be done virtually during the pandemic for the benefit of both you and your dog,” the team at the Kennel Club tell us. “Many behavioural issues which may have come about because of lockdown may have simple solutions which you can work through together, rather than considering giving your dog up all together.”

Ask For Financial Help

If you are struggling to care for your dog financially, charities like the PDSA can help some owners with their vet costs. “Many have been impacted financially by coronavirus and perhaps you are unable to continue to pay for essentials for your dog, like food, vets bills or insurance,” the team add. “Local food banks may also be able to help with pet food supplies. We also highly recommend insuring your dog if you can, because good insurance can help with unexpected vet bills.”

Join An Online Community

“If you are concerned about your own health and the impact that it could be having on your ability to care for your dog, support is available from various online local community groups and charities, including The Cinnamon Trust.”

Asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness, so if you are struggling to care for your dog there are plenty of online communities that can provide advice. Remember that vets are also still on hand, so it’s always worth calling your local practice if you need someone to speak to.

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Ask A Family Member To Take Care Of Your Dog

If you are struggling to take care of your dog, see if a family member or close friend can watch them for a while. Research local kennels in your area, as many will also offer support to struggling owners.
“The current situation is difficult for everyone, but please don’t just abandon your dog – there are many organisations here to support you and your dog however they can,” explain the team.

Speak To The Experts

“Giving up your dog need only be a last resort. Charities will do their best to advise and help you to manage your dog during lockdown and beyond. “Please speak to our Kennel Club Breed Rescue organisations who are dedicated to helping owners and dogs during difficult times. They have specialist knowledge about their particular breeds and can advise on all sorts of issues and care that the dogs require.”

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