RSPCA issues Valentine's Day appeal for HEARTBROKEN dog - 'We CAN'T understand it'

A HEARTBROKEN dog is looking for a special Valentine to end his torment of being Britain’s most lovelorn pet.

For more than 500 days Hector the black and white lurcher has been pining for someone to take him home from a dog rescue centre. Despite the bright eyes and wagging tail, two year old Hector has been continuously overlooked by animal lovers looking for a pet. To help bolster his chances of finding a forever home, the RSPCA is making a special Valentines appeal to help him find happiness.

Images showing Hector playing and enjoying life at a foster home have helped him build up a small fan club as he waits patiently for a new home.

Hector was brought to the RSPCA’s Little Valley Animal Shelter in October 2017 by one of the charity’s inspector who had welfare concerns.

Although Hector has won over his carers at the rescue centre near Exeter, Devon, appeals for potential owners to come forward have not been fruitful.

He has become one of the RSPCA’s longest-staying homeless animals, while many of the canine friends he has made over the past 15 months have found their special someone.

Hector the unloved black and white lurcher

Looking for a Valentine. Hector the black and white lurcher (Image: RSPCA)

Hector holding a toy in his mouth

Hector loves his toys and also wants an owner to love (Image: RSPCA)

Hector laying down.

Hector knows commands to sit, lie down and play dead (Image: RSPCA)

RSPCA Little Valley Animal Shelter’s manager, Jo Evans, said: “Hector is hilarious. He never fails to make us smile and is a firm favourite with all who meet him.

“He’s adored by staff and we can’t understand why he is always overlooked. This big lad has lots of love to give so if you have space in your heart and home then please get in touch.

“He’s an active boy who is looking for like-minded owners who can take him on plenty of adventures. He especially loves the beach, and we have learnt he likes to swim.”

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To help find Hector a home, the RSPCA has created a special online page to help potential owners decide if he is the dog for them.

It explains how he guards items he sees as valuable, such as toys and food, and because of his size reaches things that other dogs cannot. He can also display aggression and would be a risk to other children and pets who may not pick up his early signals.

Hector at a foster home

Hector is looking for a forever home (Image: RSPCA)

Hector also finds being left lone distressing and has a high prey drive, chasing anything that runs such as cats.

But the RSPCA say there are many positives. He is bright, intelligent, knows lots of commands and is clicker trained. Besides enjoying meeting other dogs on walks, he also loves being fussed.

The charity explains on his profile: “We would love for Hector to be able to live with other animals and children, if this was the case he would be happily in a home by now which is what we all want for him.

“However, he does have some behavioural issues that mean this would not be safe. He will be a project, but if you have the time and patience to commit to him, you will have such a rewarding and fun loving companion in return.”

RSPCA Little Valley Animal Shelter is owned and run by the South, East & West Devon Branch – a separately registered branch of the RSPCA who raise all funds locally.

For more information about Hector, see his online profile at or contact Little Valley on 01392 439898.

If Hector isn’t the right dog for you but you think you could offer one of the wonderful animals currently at the centre a new home there are more on the findapet site.