Robert Irwin Relocates a Snake From the Middle of the Road at His Family Zoo

Thanks to Robert Irwin, a wandering snake is now living in a better habitat.The 18-year-old conservationist and son of the "Crocodile Hunter" star Steve Irwin encountered a "decent size snake" in the middle of the road of his family's zoo at night, so he decided to help.

“Have a look at this big fella,” Irwin said in a TikTok video he shared of the moment."He's in a very, very bad position. He's on a road. He's at Australia Zoo. This is in the zoo. He's got (crocodiles) on that side. He's got an aviary full of birds. He's either going to get eaten, or he's going to eat one of the other animals," Irwin said, while holding up the snake.

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When he first approached the animal, Irwin made sure to keep his distance and then grabbed it by the tail. A few moments later, he held the snake up for the camera, as the animal tried to constrict his hand with its body.

"That's how they catch their prey," Irwin said.

However, Irwin remained cool in the moment.

"Don't you bite me on the face," Irwin joked. "He's thinking about it."

Irwin placed the snake in a bag and drove it out to a better habitat, some "nice, natural bushland," he said. In another TikTok video, Irwin and his mother, Terri, released the creature at a spot near a lake.

"You're home. What do you reckon?" Irwin said. “I think he’s slightly bummed out that he can’t eat any of our birds, but other than that, I reckon he’s pretty happy."

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Soon, the reptile slithered into the lake, off to catch its next prey.

"Awesome! That was cool," Irwin said.