Retired nurse makes £15,000 by selling artwork painted by her dog

Ivy the dog with some of her paintings
Forget Picasso, Ivy may just be the greatest artist of all time (Picture: Caters)

A retired nurse has made £15,000 by selling artwork painted by her dog.

Lisa Kite, 58, started teaching her nine-year-old Australian Shepherd Ivy to paint after she had just turned two. Even at that young age, Lisa saw Ivy was very quick at learning new tricks.

The beloved pooch has now been creating art for seven years and Lisa has even taught her to pick up a paint brush and paint on a blank canvas.

Her paintings have unusual names such as ‘Meringue’ and ‘Jungle Cat.’

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Prices vary, but her most expensive work of art is selling for £360.

Lisa, from North Carolina, US, says: ‘Initially, I trained her to get a beer from the fridge to impress my adult children when they came to visit and from there, I taught her lots of different tricks.

‘We have a two-page spreadsheet of different tricks now.

‘She’ll do the basic commands like sit, rollover and shake but she’s learned how to sort the washing, take my jacket off, wipe her feet, and put coins in the bank.

‘It didn’t take long to teach her how to paint; she was painting within a week. She started off with water colour but now she’s using acrylic paint and has painted hundreds of different paintings.

This is a copycat version of the kind made by Greenies.

Ivy painting a picture
Ivy during the process of creating her art (Picture: Caters)

‘I’ve given so many paintings away but we sell them all over the world; I’m blown away by how many people want one of her paintings!’

Lisa is not an artist but loves the creations made by her pup. Monday is their set day of the week to paint and Ivy can have five paintings on the go at any one time.

Ivy with a completed artwork
Ivy the dog with one of her paintings (Picture: Caters)

Lisa donates the profits from Ivy’s artwork to local charities and food banks in their area.

‘This is fun for Ivy; she is trained using positive reinforcement and is putting good into the world,’ Lisa adds.

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‘I’m not an artist but I love art and have learned a lot from Ivy.

‘She only adds one colour to each painting per week to make sure we’re not diluting the colours.

‘As long as she’s busy, she’s happy and we make sure to walk her five miles a day on top of that. We give the profits away to charity. It’s usually animal welfare charities but also food banks.

‘I love the idea that there is a dog working to help other dogs and pets in the world.’

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