Research reveals the ‘naughtiest’ breeds of dog

(Picture: Getty)

Your dog might be your best friend, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be naughty from time to time.

New research has revealed a list of the ‘naughtiest’ dog breeds – based on how often they bark. The more they bark, the naughtier they’re deemed to be.

There’s also a list of the ‘nicest’ dog breeds – the ones that bark the least.

The data has been collated by Furbo , a company who make a smart-phone connected camera which allows dog owners to keep tabs on their pets.

The company collected the figures from users of their product, and found that Samoyed dogs top the naughty list. Samoyeds bark the most out of all the breeds that were tested, often up 52 times every day.

Right on the Samoyeds’ tail is the Yorkshire Terrier – although they do bark significantly less, they were second on the list with an average of around 23 woofs per day.

Bernese Mountain Dogs came out on top (Picture: Getty)

But the goodest boys of them all where the Bernese Mountain Dogs, who came out on top of the nice list. The Bernese are the quietest of the dog breeds, and only let out about 3 barks per day.

Here’s the full list, have a look to see where your pooch falls on the scale.