Rescue dog who was kept in a locked bedroom is looking for a home

close up of Dotty
Dotty is looking for her forever home (Picture: RSPCA)
A Staffordshire bull terrier cross, called Dotty, is on the hunt for a new home.

The eight-year-old pooch was rescued last July after her former owner kept her locked in a bedroom.

Dotty was underweight and suffering from a skin condition when RSPCA’s Ashley Heath Animal Centre took her in.

But, more than seven months on, and the canine is yet to receive a single adoption application.

Dotty on her bed
She loves to be around people (Picture: RSPCA)
Close up of Dotty
She’s received zero interest (Picture: RSPCA)
The RSPCA team hope Dotty finds the love and care she deserves soon, after being previously mistreated.

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Animal care assistant Hollie Jones said: ‘We’ve had zero interest in Dotty and it’s devastating.

‘She’s such a sweet girl but, because she’s led such a restricted and withdrawn life, she needs really patient owners who can help her get used to the big wide world.’

Dotty standing next to a ball
Dotty was rescued last summer (Picture: RSPCA)
Dotty lying on her bed
She loves a belly rub (Picture: RSPCA)

Dotty – who still loves to be around people despite suffering neglect – will need a home where she’s the only pet and one that has a garden.

She’ll also need to wear a muzzle on walks as she can be quite reactive to things – and quieter trips out are advised for her, as a result.

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Hollie adds: ‘Other dogs are particularly difficult for her but we’ve had her on a strict training plan and her behaviour has improved hugely in that time.

‘With people, however, it’s a different story.

‘She absolutely loves being around people and all she wants in life is a snuggle and a belly rub.’

Close up of Dotty
She was found locked in a bedroom (Picture: RSPCA)

The team add that she loves to get close for a cuddle and she’s an intelligent pooch – often picking up new tricks and commands very easily.

‘It’ll take the right person to give Dotty what she needs but, after all she’s been through, no one deserves it more,’ Hollie continues.

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‘Who could resist that dazzling Staffie smile and her waggy tail?’

If you’re interested in adopting Dotty, you can find more information here.

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