Rescue dog who faced 'certain death' in search of home after 7 years of being 'overlooked'

A RESCUE dog who has been "constantly overlooked" for seven years is keeping his paws crossed for a forever home.

Rescue dogs live together in an alternative kennel

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Peter, a seven-year-old crossbreed, was rescued when he was a puppy in 2014 from a public shelter in Bosnia where he faced "certain death" by Saving Suffering Strays. Since then, he has been waiting at the charity's centre to be adopted.

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Despite his four siblings finding homes, Peter has been "constantly overlooked".Maria Slough, co-chair of Saving Suffering Strays, told Team Dogs: “They faced certain death so rescuer Milena Malesevic saved them.

“All of Peter’s siblings were adopted but he was constantly overlooked.

"This meant that he lost the chance at a young age to be socialised in a home environment.


Peter is keeping his paws crossed for a forever home (Image: DOGS4RESCUE)“He has always been a friendly, happy boy but with a suspicious nature towards some people due to his experience before Milena saved him.”But Peter is being brought from Bosnia to the UK to Dogs4Rescue, a pioneering kennel-free centre in Manchester.

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He is due to arrive on Saturday and it is hoped he will eventually be rehomed.

Ms Slough added: “We were confident that he was finally ready to make the journey to the UK to complete his socialisation with the amazing team at Dogs4Rescue who we work closely with on our more traumatised and nervous dogs.

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Peter and his siblings were rescued from a public shelter in Bosnia when they were puppies (Image: DOGS4RESCUE)

“We are so excited to be working with them to finally be helping him complete his journey so he can eventually find a happy beginning with a new family.”

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Emma Billington, founder of Dogs4Rescue, said: “Dogs like Peter instantly feel at home at our kennel-free rescue.

"He’s used to living with other dogs so will make new friends easily, with the body language and energy of our dogs telling him he is safe here.

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Peter is being brought to the UK to Dogs4Rescue (Image: DOGS4RESCUE)

“If he went into a kennel environment most likely he would shut down or develop more reactivity because of the stress of isolation.

“Here he has a relaxed environment to decompress from his journey and can learn to trust again with the help of our balanced pack.

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“It’s the other dogs who give us the window to do our unique rehabilitation work.”

Ms Billington added that if a dog is unable to be rehomed they stay with the charity forever.


She said: “Dogs in Bosnia face unspeakable cruelty on the streets and are on a countdown from the minute they enter the kill pounds.

"By taking a dog we can most likely rehabilitate it frees a space in Bosnia for another poor soul to be saved from certain death.

“Taking Peter will hopefully save many, many more lives over there. We can’t wait to meet him.”

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