Rescue dog shocks RSPCA workers as she gives birth to huge litter of 13 puppies

A DOG has left rescuers stunned after giving birth to a huge litter of 13 puppies.

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Elsa was heavily pregnant when she was rescued in Chelmsford, Essex, by the RSPCA. The 18-month-old Bedlington Terrier-cross was taken in by a fosterer from the charity's South, Southend and District branch in Rochford.

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Elsa was expected to give birth to at least six puppies but rescuers could not believe it when 13 arrived.

The pups are all doing well and staff are helping Elsa with extra bottle feeds for her babies.

Branch manager Kathy Butler said: “We knew Elsa was expecting at least six but we were shocked when 13 arrived on 8 March.

“Some were quite small but Elsa is a very attentive mum and has done a wonderful job so far and we’re thrilled that all 13 are still with us and are getting bigger and stronger every day.

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rspca dogs

A dog has left rescuers stunned after giving birth to a huge litter of 13 puppies (Image: RSPCA)

rspca dog

Beautiful Elsa and her pups (Image: RSPCA)

“However, it’s a lot of hard work for Elsa so we've been giving the pups extra bottle feeds.

"Mum only has 10 teats so we’ve been rotating them when they’re feeding to ensure they’re all getting plenty of food."

The RSPCA is looking for dog lovers to sponsor the puppies to help cover costs.Sponsors will be able to suggest a Disney-themed name for their puppy after Elsa was named after the Frozen character, and receive regular updates on a special Facebook group.

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rspca puppies

Elsa was expected to give birth to six puppies but rescuers could not believe it when 13 arrived (Image: RSPCA)

Ms Butler said: “Taking care of these gorgeous puppies is hard work but is also expensive and we’ve launched a unique opportunity for dog-lovers to support this little family by sponsoring a puppy and helping us to take care of them while they’re growing.

“If you’re interested in sponsoring one of these little ones then please do get in touch.

"Donations will also support our work to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome other dogs too. And we’d love to extend our sponsorship scheme to find sponsors for some of our older dogs and long-stay animals while they wait for their forever homes.

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rspca puppies

Two of Elsa's adorable puppies (Image: RSPCA)

rspca puppies

The pups are all doing well (Image: RSPCA)

rspca puppy

The RSPCA is looking for dog lovers to sponsor the puppies to help cover costs (Image: RSPCA)


“We’re an independent charity and we have to raise all of our own funds so any help the public can give us is hugely appreciated.”

To donate to the care of Elsa and her pups click here.

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