Rescue dog lasts just two days in new home before being sent back to shelter

A RESCUE dog has been sent back to the RSPCA shelter it came from after just two days in his new home.


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The puppy, named Fidget, moved into his new home after having spent four months in the shelter located in Macclesfield in Cheshire.The lurcher was described as being “part giraffe” and was brought into his foster home as it became he struggled to adapt to life in the kennels.A statement from the RSPCA reads: "Fidget came into one of our wonderful foster homes after Derby RSPCA appealed for help – they took Fidget in as a stray from another rescue back in November.

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"But he was getting really frustrated with kennel life, they were advertising him and he was adopted but came back after two days, for no apparent reason."


Fidget likes to chew things on a daily basis (Image: RSPCA)The local branch of the animal welfare and rehoming charity also described him as "part lurcher and part giraffe", adding: "Lurchers are generally very active and Fidget is no exception.

“He is incredibly high energy in the morning and needs at least two bouts of 30 minutes of exercise per day.

"Fidget also makes a fantastic running partner.

“Generally, Fidget will play games during the day such as sniff and lick mats, ‘touch’ training and other things to keep him stimulated.”

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The RSPCA said Fidget needs two 30 mins runs a day (Image: RSPCA)The charity also mentioned Fidget likes to chew on items on a “daily basis” but is “not destructive behaviour" and generally is "aimed at his toys such as a Kong filled with peanut butter".

Due to his past, Fidget has had little interaction with other dogs, and working on this will remain part of his ongoing training.

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Fidget originally came from the RSPCA in Derby (Image: Google)


The statement advises that any owner with the "time and resources" to commit to Fidget would be "lucky to have him".

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If you are interested in rehoming Fidget, or any other animals at RSPCA Macclesfield, South East Cheshire and Buxton Branch, contact their team on 07846 539500 or email [email protected] .Additional reporting by Benedict Tetzlaff-Deas

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