Reader stories to warm the heart

Pablo Escobar’s lab days are over! I have two pets – a cat and a dog. My cat’s name is Lucas, and he’s 4 years old. Lucas is a Persian cat. My dog’s name is Pablo Escobar. He is 7 years old. He is black and brown, with a white- tipped tail and ‘white’ socks. He was in a laboratory in Hyderabad and being used to test pesticides for over 7 years since birth! Our home is the first he has ever known. He has been with us for 10 months now. When we first got him, every single sound scared him. He could not bark when he came, but now he can – growl, bark and snap! He barks when my mom and I are outside the door and growls and snaps when my cat irritates him. He has the endearing habit of sticking his tongue out and looking questioningly at me. I take him for his daily walks in the morning for half an hour. Escobar has come to love these daily outings. I feel very proud when my mom tells people that Escobar has changed for the better because of me, but the truth, is SO HAVE I!
— Tanisha Sunil Acharya, Age: 11years

Did you know?
Pets and family harmony
Pet ownership may have a beneficial effect on family harmony. Research shows that families usually spend far more time interacting with each other after the acquisition of a pet. Pets provide a focus for fun activities and friendly conversations. The relaxation and relief from stress provided by animal companionship also yields immeasurable health benefits for parents. Pet owners have a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease, fewer minor illnesses and complaints, and visit the doctor less often than their ‘petless’ counterparts.

Although everyone is scared of this handsome guy with me, I can tell you, he is one handsome and intelligent man! –Manisha Shewaramani

“I’m the naughtiest Beagle around”

I am Anoushka, 10, living in Salt Lake, Kolkata. This is the story of my puppy, a Beagle. He is the world’s cutest and naughtiest dog. Let my dog ‘speak’ for himself. ‘I am very naughty. My owners say so too and I don’t feel bad when they say it. Actually, I like being what I am. My trainer said that he would be taking me to the dog show next winter. I love chewing stuff. My mom had once bought five pairs of glasses, which I simply loved. I chewed up all of them and was scolded badly. My dad too scolds me if I run away with his stuff. Actually I feel scared to be naughty in his friends. I love chewing my sister Anoushka’s hand, it’s so soft and rubbery. When I first came to this house, I met a big dog. I didn’t know why he was running around me all the time. For a moment I thought he was scared of me. I looked like a rat then but was still brave enough to confront him. Being with this family is a lot of fun. When I grew up a little, my mom bought me a chewie bone which is super tasty. My sister takes me to the terrace every evening and I love running with my ball. Sometimes, I like having a bath. And at the end of the day, I love sleeping with the AC on. I must say I am the happiest dog on this planet.’

— Anoushka Mukherjee, 10 years old