Rare litter of wolf-like puppies born in Scotland

Owners Andrew Connolly and Monika Connolly hold two of the new wolf-like Tamaskan puppies.
Owners Andrew Connolly and Monika Connolly hold two of the new wolf-like Tamaskan puppies (Picture: Greenock Telegraph / SWNS.COM)
A rare litter of wolf-like puppies has been born in Scotland – thought to be for the first time in more than ten years. The breed is called Tamaskan, which means ‘mighty wolf’. Tamaskan dogs so closely resemble wolves that they appeared in the Twilight films. The litter was born at their owner’s home in Wemyss Bay, Inverclyde, two weeks ago and consists of five male and four female dogs.

The new pups have a mixture of light and dark fur with cheeks that are still pink owing to their young age.

Tamaskans came about when Arctic dogs were brought from America and Canada to the UK in the 1980s were bred with Finnish and Siberian huskies. Owners Andrew and Monika Connolly were thrilled when their pet dogs, Loki and Kohana, were found to be expecting.
Owners Andrew and Monika Connolly with their Tamaskan dog and puppies
This breed of dog is so wolf-like they were used in Twilight films (Picture: Greenock Telegraph / SWNS.COM)
In preparation, Andrew, 27, learned how to give CPR to dogs, in case any were born not breathing.

The couple also studied books and spoke to breeders to ensure they were well prepared.

The scan showed five puppies in the womb, but nine adorable puppies were born.

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Monika said, ‘When Kohana had an ultrasound, the vet could only see about four or five puppies, so we did not expect nine.
A close up photos of three sleeping Tamaskan puppies
Aren’t they cute? (Picture: Greenock Telegraph / SWNS.COM)
‘We only know of one other Tamaskan dog having one puppy in a litter a few years ago, so this was a big deal for Kohana to have so many.‘

The devoted owners, who also have two young children, are taking it in turns to sleep on the sofa to keep an eye on the litter.

‘We’ve both been taking turns sleeping on the couch to keep an eye on the puppies, as they need constant care,’ said Andrew.

Monika, 25, said the couple were undertaking a thorough screening process before rehoming the pups, and that they plan to keep one.

She said: ‘We are screening everyone through an application process to make sure they all go to good homes.

‘By making sure they’re all being placed with someone we know will take care of them, it will mean they’re not just a Christmas gift and will actually be well looked after.

Andrew added: ‘It will actually be quite emotional rehoming the dogs, as we have grown quite attached to them.’

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The snoozy pups are starting to open their eyes and develop their own personalities already.

And the couple’s kids, Lily, aged three, and Lewis, aged four, are overjoyed to have a new pet.

‘The puppies have already doubled in size and are starting to open their eyes and move about when they’re not sleeping,’ said Andrew.

‘It’s going to be nice to see them grow over the next month and get more of their own personalities.’

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