Rabbit Wanted To Swim In The Lake

Rabbit Wanted To Swim In The Lake

When Jordan saw the wild rabbit, it was in such poor condition that it was hard to tell whether he was alive or not. He was all soaked in water, and was not moving at all. The rabbit looked as if it was frozen. But the man did not neglect the little creature and tried to give him another chance. He started giving him a cordial message and tried to dry him out.

Jordan noticed that the rabbit was still a baby. He obviously tried to swim in the nearby lake, and that was what made him freeze so much. Maybe running away from predators made him jump into the water, or maybe the bunny was just too curious. But the experience did not end too well.

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Jordan had been trying to bring the rabbit back to life for a long time already, but he did not hive up. Finally, the bunny gave the first signs of breathing. Then, he started to chirp ceaselessly. It was a sign that everything was alright. Jordan took the rabbit home for full recovery, so he could be sure the rabbit was safe once back in the nature.

The rabbi`t stayed in Jordan’s house for one day. He had his own little bedroom, where he could be warm. When Jordan took him home, the first thing to do was drying him with a hair dryer. After that, he fed him with some pistachios and greens, and covered him with blankets in his new bed.

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In only a day, the rabbits recovered. He looked like a completely new creature. He was even confident enough to jump out of his bed and explore the house a bit. Jordan says that he got attached to the rabbit although he knew him for only a day. As much as he wanted to keep him, he put the rabbi`t back into a box and took him to the spot where he found him. And as a farewell, Jordan advised the rabbit to never swim in the lake again. Hopefully, the rabbit already knew it.