Queen Elizabeth joined by dorgi as she begins celebrations for Platinum Jubilee — see pics

Queen Elizabeth is celebrating 70 years on the throne with a little help from her beloved dog Candy.On Friday, the royal family shared several photos taken last month of the British monarch looking over cards, letters and artwork that children and other members of the public sent her to mark the special occasion.
BRITAIN-ROYAL-QUEEN-JUBILEEThe queen has spent 70 years as the British monarch.STEVE PARSONS / Getty Images
The queen’s dog Candy, a dorgi breed (mix between a corgi and a dachshund), also made an appearance in the Oak Room at Windsor Castle, looking for some affection from the monarch.

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The smiling 95-year-old queen seemed happy to oblige and reached out to pet the dog.

Candy clearly wanted some attention!Getty Images

Corgis have always held a special place in the queen’s heart. Over the years she’s owned more than 30 of the herding dogs , including several mixed breed dorgis.

In December 2020, her dorgi named Vulcan died and left behind only Candy. But in March 2021, TODAY confirmed that the monarch had welcomed two corgi puppies.
Memorabilia from the queen's Golden and Platinum Jubilees.Steve Parsons - PA Images / Getty Images
The queen, who celebrates her Platinum Jubilee on Sunday, seemed delighted as she pored over the stack of jubilee memorabilia. Some items had been preserved from previous jubilees, like this fingerprint portrait from schoolchildren in Leicestershire.

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Such a beautiful portrait of the monarch.STEVE PARSONS / Getty Images

Many items, including cards, were specially made for the queen in honor of her special milestone.

The queen is clearly loved.STEVE PARSONS / Getty Images

There are several celebrations planned this year in honor of the queen's anniversary.

Queen Elizabeth and her corgis: an adorable retrospective