Queen Elizabeth adds 2 furry family members — corgi puppies!

Some things just naturally go together, like peanut butter and jelly or a pint of ice cream and a good rom-com — or, for instance, Queen Elizabeth and her beloved corgis.The British monarch has had more than 30 of the herding dogs, including quite a few corgi-dachshund mixes called dorgis, by her side over the course of her long reign. But over the years, their numbers dwindled , and recently it seemed as though the iconic matchup might be nearing its end.

That is, until we learned that the queen recently added two four-legged friends to her household.

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Queen Elizabeth II and her corgis and dorgis meet players and officials from the New Zealand Rugby League Team, the All Golds, inside the Bow Room at Buckingham Palace on Oct. 16, 2007, in London, England.Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images
Last December, the queen’s adored dorgi, Vulcan, died, leaving her with just one dog, another dorgi named Candy. The last of her purebred corgis, Whisper, died in 2018.

But on Thursday, reports began to circulate about a couple of new additions, and TODAY has confirmed that two corgi puppies have officially joined the royal family.

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Queen Elizabeth and her corgis: an adorable retrospective

00:48While little is known about the newest residents of Buckingham Palace, it’s been reported that they were given to the queen as gifts, making them the first corgis she’s had as an adult that weren’t descended from Susan , the one she was given as a present on her 18th birthday.
A young Princess Elizabeth can be seen holding a corgi dog in 1936.Lisa Sheridan / Getty Images

But special times mean it’s time for a couple of special exceptions to that long-standing lineage.

After all, news of the dogs comes as the British royal family braces for the release of Oprah Winfrey’s tell-all interview with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex , set to air Sunday, the previews for which have already put the spotlight on what appears to be a major royal rift .

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02:27The dogs have also arrived on the heels of the queen’s husband, Prince Philip, undergoing a medical procedure for a preexisting heart condition at the age of 99. According to a statement from the palace, the Duke of Edinburgh is expected to remain hospitalized “for a number of days.”
Queen Elizabeth II relaxes at Sandringham with her corgis.Anwar Hussein / Getty Images
TODAY’s senior international correspondent Keir Simmons said that by accepting the corgi puppies, it’s “perhaps a sign of the queen adhering to that British mantra, ‘Keep Calm and Carry On.’”

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