Pupuccinos at the ready: A Pomeranian cafe is coming to London

pomeranian cafe is coming to london to celebrate the dogs
(Picture: Pom Cafe)

We’ve seen sausage dog cafes , pug cafes , and, of course, cat cafes .

It feels like high time that Pomeranian pooches get their day in the sun.

Now, finally, that day is nearly here.

On 12 May at The Happenstance in St Paul’s, there will be a popup Pom Café dedicated to your favourite fluffy breed.

The Pom Café will celebrate all things Pom, with a menu dedicated entirely to the small dogs, including pupcakes, dognuts, pompops, pawsecco, and paw star martinis.

There’ll be food for humans to enjoy, so don’t worry about going hungry. You’ll even get a free cupcake.

Every Pomeranian in attendance will receive a free pupuccino and a gift themed around the Secret Life of Pets 2, the film the popup is honouring.

(Picture: Pom Café)

And, obviously, you’ll get to hang out with a load of Pomeranians. What a joyful way to spend a day, right?

Tickets are £10 for Pomeranian owners, and £14 for anyone who doesn’t have a dog but wants to come along and fuss over some pups.

Here's an ingenious leash that has a built-in waste-bag dispenser and a compartment for keys, cards, phone, and treats.

The café is organised into two 70 minute sittings; one at 12.30pm and one at 4.15pm, and we expect both to get booked up fast, so it’s worth getting your tickets the moment they’re available.

Tickets will go on sale online at 10am on 6 April 2019.

Oh, and if you’re not a Pomeranian fan, don’t fear – Pug Café will also be posting popups for sausage dogs, pugs, and French bulldogs in the coming months.