Puppy who was abandoned in a bin bag gets his forever home for Christmas

Percy and Laura
Percy is adorable (Picture: Laura Walters)

Christmas has come early for one little puppy.

Percy the puppy, was cruelly dumped in a bin bag just weeks before Christmas. He was found on 29 November, at around 10 weeks old. He was incredibly underweight and terrified when he was discovered left out in the cold and covered in fleas in Witton Park, Durham.

A passer-by spotted him and took him to a local vet, who checked him over and found he was riddled with fleas.

After some much needed care, vaccinations and treatment, Percy was then collected by apprentice animal collection officer Shane Lynn, who transported him to RSPCA York.
Percy with Frankie
Poor Percy was found in a bin bag (Picture: Laura Walters)

Luckily for Percy, he didn’t need to wait long for a proper home.

Percy has now become a loving member of Laura Walters’ family. Laura, 29, from Selby, is a canine lover and she has her own dog walking business She recently lost her other dog to cancer, and was wanting a friend for her remaining dog Frankie. She previously worked at York RSPCA for nine years and still regularly popped in. As soon as she saw little Percy’s adorable face she instantly fell in love. Laura tells Metro.co.uk: ‘As soon as I heard what happened I felt like he deserved the best, and I knew he would love walking all day and sleeping on the sofa all night!

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‘It was fate that I met Percy. I had only popped in to the animal centre to say hello as I used to work there for many years, and happened to see the little bundle of fun, and I just knew there and then I had to have him.

Laura with Percy
Laura has given him a forever home (Picture: Laura Walters)

‘It seems the stars aligned when I decided to go into the centre that day and spotted Percy – he is perfect.’

Laura says that Percy follows her absolutely everywhere, just like her little ‘shadow’ and he gets distressed when he can’t see her. He is now also getting much better physically and loves his new life with Laura and Frankie.
Laura said: ‘It makes me feel sick knowing what he’s been through and I know someone out there knows who did this and I’m hoping someone lets the RSPCA know so they can prosecute.

‘Percy deserves justice.’

A picture of Percy
He’s already thriving (Picture: Laura Walters)

She added: ‘I love percy so much and he will be loved and safe for the rest of his life. He is so happy now he loves walks, playing and most of all cuddles.’

As well as making friends with Frankie, Percy has taken to Laura’s rescue cat Lenneth. He has a huge mountain of toys that he can’t get enough of and spends his days burning off his energy on Laura’s long dog walks.

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Laura says: ‘Percy has settled into his new home really well and adores Frankie like a big brother, and also my rescue cat Lenneth.

‘He’s gradually gaining weight and looking and acting like a proper puppy now and living the life he deserves.

‘He is very clingy and follows me everywhere, and I can only imagine it’s because he’s terrified he’s going to be abandoned again. But he needn’t worry, he’s got his forever home now.’

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