Puppy put down after being torn to shreds by Staffordshire Bull Terrier

four-month-old puppy Polar and the owners son
’Polar meant everything to us all, he made this family complete,’ owner Kristie Skinner said (Pictures: Triangle News)
A four-month-old puppy has been put down after being savagely attacked by a Staffordshire Bull Terrier in the street. Mum-of-three Kristie Skinner, 26, was walking Polar, a Chihuahua-Pomeranian crossbreed, to the shops last Thursday with her sister Karleigh Stokes when the pair saw a Staffie outside. Both dogs then started barking at each other, and Kirstie and her sister tried to get away by walking down an alley, only to be followed by the Terrier. Within seconds the dog pounced on Polar.
Karleigh, who was holding Polar’s lead, said: ‘The force was enough to pull me down and drag me across the street, I was screaming. ‘The dog had grabbed Polar by the neck and was throwing him about the whole street.’ Karleigh got up and ran over to try and rescue the puppy, while shouting: ‘You’re killing him, you’re killing him’. She said Kristie was in a state of shock.
Polar, who was a four-month-old Chihuahua-Pomeranian crossbreed puppy
Polar was a four-month-old Chihuahua-Pomeranian crossbreed puppy (Picture Triangle News)
Kristie's son with Polar
Kristie bought Polar for her sons, eight and four, and two-year-old daughter (Picture: Triangle News)
The attack went on for a gruelling two-and-a-half minutes. To Karleigh’s horror, the Staffie’s owners told her to ‘f**k off’ and became aggressive towards her as she tried to save Polar.

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Two neighbours got involved in the incident, with one grabbing the Staffie by its testacles and twisting them until it let go.

The owners of the Terrier then started shouting at the sisters, telling them it was their fault, before walking off. The neighbours helped carry Polar into a house and immediately called the vets.

Polar had suffered a broken neck and spine in the attack, and all his ligaments had been torn.

‘He was completely paralysed and traumatised. They said we could have £7,000 surgery with just a five per cent survival rate,’ said Karleigh.

Karleigh's injuries from the Staffie dragging her down
Kristie’s sister Karleigh suffered injuries from the Staffie dragging her down (Picture: Triangle News)
Karleigh and Kristie opted to have Polar put down and reported the attack to the police, as well as contacting the RSPCA for support.

They have since discovered that the violent dog had attacked others in the past and was legally required to be muzzled.

The family, from Harwich, in Essex, are heartbroken and desperate for justice for their puppy, who was bought by Kristie for her sons, eight and four, and daughter, two.

Karleigh said: ’Polar meant everything to us all, he made this family complete. It almost feels empty without him. He was my kids’ best friend and my baby. He will forever be in our hearts.’

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An Essex Police spokesperson said: ‘We have launched an investigation into the incident, and we are appealing to anyone who witnessed the incident to come forward.’

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