Puppy has new jaw built after evil people put firecrackers in his mouth

A puppy whose nose was blown off in a horrendous cruel attack where he had firecrackers strapped to his jaw has made an incredible recovery after vets rebuilt his jaw.

Braveheart, a one-year-old dog, has had a new jaw made for him after being found in Sonora, Mexico, by an animal rescue team that contacted a US charity to adopt him after his surgery. The ‘Saving Huey Foundation’, which is run by Tracy Lystra, 44, agreed to pay for his recovery and have him sent to the US to live out a happy life at their sanctuary after the damage done was so severe he has had a prosthetic jaw attached to his head.

After being discovered with his jaw blown to pieces, the adorable dog is now melting the hearts of everyone that sees him.

Braveheart after his surgery
Braveheart has had his jaw reconstructed (Picture: Saving Huey Foundation / Caters News)
Tracy said: ‘I work with good people in Mexico and was contacted by one of them about Braveheart, they sent me a picture of him and my first instinct was to have the poor dog put down.

‘I had never done any rescue in that area so was unsure of the vets out there but a friend told me aboutDr.Briseno, who thought he could help, so was taken there and ended up having four surgeries.

Source: Psychology Today

‘A new jaw was made for Braveheart, and he stayed at that practice for two months until he was healthy enough to make the 11-hour drive to us, he has been with us for two months now.

‘Shortly after coming to us he had the tube removed from his nose and this seemed to alleviate a lot of discomforts.

‘Vets here had no idea what it was, and we nearly lost him but he has made a remarkable recovery.

Braveheart had a firecracker put into his mouth
The evil people who did this put a firecracker in his mouth (Picture: Saving Huey Foundation / Caters News)

‘Braveheart is an amazing boy who loves people and other animals, he still gets a little too excited when he meets new friends but he’s learning not to jump on them.

‘I would be lying if I said that late at night, I didn’t have awful thoughts as to what I would do to the people who commit such crimes.

‘I am able to take a lot of what I see and hide it from my emotions, but there are times it definitely catches up with me.’

Braveheart was found in Mexico earlier this year and has since undergone months of recovery to have his life put back together, but it has been unclear as to what exactly caused the damage.

Tracy said: ‘I do not know much about Braveheart’s past, as is the case with the majority of our cases.

Growing up. While the Chow Chow dogs are well known for their distinctive blue-black tongues, they’re actually born with pink tongues. They turn blue-black at 8-10 weeks of age.

‘In Braveheart’s case his surgeon in Mexico as well as the hospital staff here in the US agree that it appears as if he had explosives put in his mouth.

‘Because of the damage it is believed that the explosive was more than likely a firecracker.’

The adorable dog now wanders around his new sanctuary with an abundance of furry friends after having his face and jaw and face reconstructed in four different surgeries.

Tracy said: ‘Many people see an animal in pain and either turn a blind eye to it or want to end the animals’ life.

‘While Saving Huey Foundation does not condone suffering, we do want to offer second chances to the lives that can sustain such an offering.’

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