Puppy believed to have two tails actually has a fifth leg and foot

Puppy born with fifth leg
Adorable Chanel No 5 is a social media sensation (Picture: @norcal_bullybreed_rescue/TikTok)

A puppy has stolen the hearts of social media users after being born with a fifth leg.

The baby bulldog, who has been cleverly named Chanel No 5, is currently being taken care of by a foster carer from NorCal Bully Breed Rescue in the Sacramento, California area. Under the name @norcal_bullybreed_rescue, the carer has been sharing Chanel’s updates on TikTok to the delight of viewers.

It was originally presumed the extra leg was a tail, but experts confirmed it is a leg with a bone.

There is also a small foot on the end with three toes and three pads.

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‘This puppy was surrendered to us via a vet’s office so we don’t know who the owners or the parents are,’ Chanel’s carer told followers. ‘It has been confirmed that Chanel has five legs. This is not a tail, this is a fifth leg, it has three toes and three pads. The confirmation was done by a physical exam by our veterinarian because this right here is bone, it’s called the tarsus bone and it’s the ankle bone in a dog.’

It’s true, she has 5 legs. 😍#fyp #fypシ #foryoupage #5legs #puppiesoftiktok #norcalbullybreedrescue #viral #dogsoftiktok #🐾

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‘So Chanel does have five legs, her tail is right here and of course she is adorable.’

In a later clip, the carer explained it is unknown what experts will do with the leg but it is likely ‘she will keep this leg unless it impedes her in some way.’

Chanel is now an internet sensation with over 8 million views on her last video.

Meanwhile, the public adores her.

‘An extra leg just means there’s more of that adorable puppy,’ commented one viewer.

‘I was not ready for how cute she is,’ said another.

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While more claimed they would go to great lengths to protect little Chanel.

One impassioned follower wrote: ‘I would die for her.’

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