Puppy and cat who became best friends say goodbye when one is adopted

Ready to shed a tear? Just watch this video, which captures the moment a puppy and cat duo say goodbye after the dog is finally adopted.

Cheerio the cat and Elvis the Staffordshire bull terrier have been best pals since the puppy was born back in March. Owner Corrinne Minnard, 56, says the pair have been inseparable, constantly following each other around the house and cuddling up to snooze together. Elvis was part of a litter of eight other pups, who all got adopted speedily – leaving Elvis all alone, which only made Elvis and Cheerio’s bond stronger.
Best friends Cheerio the cat and Elvis the staffy puppy
Cheerio and Elvis formed a fast bond (Picture: Corrinne Minnard / SWNS.COM)
Now, after ten weeks together, Elvis has finally found a forever home, and this week was taken away by his new owners. Before he headed off, Elvis and Cheerio had one last cuddle to say farewell – a moment Corrinne knew she needed to capture on camera. Corrinne, a part-time dog breeder and university counsellor, from Palo Cedro, in Shasta County, California, said: ‘Cheerio and Elvis were loving and playful together.
This is the moment a puppy and cat who became best friends said goodbye when the Staffy was finally adopted by his new family.
The pair said goodbye with one last cuddle (Picture: Corrinne Minnard / SWNS.COM)

Express yourself. Dogs’ ears are extremely expressive. It’s no wonder! There are more than a dozen separate muscles that control a dog’s ear movements.

Cheerio would even be quite flirtatious at times, like any cat. Cheerio has been here since she was pretty young, so she’s always been used to our dogs.

‘It’s so funny because she just wants to be like the dogs, even though she is definitely the boss in the relationship!’

Elvis moved to his forever home on Sunday, while two-year-old rescue cat Cheerio will stay with Corrinne.

The pair may be apart now, but we’re sure Elvis will always be thankful for Cheerio’s friendship when he was all alone.

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