Prolific golden retriever stud has fathered 239 puppies for Guide Dogs

trigger the stud dog
He’s fathered more than 200 pups so far (Picture: Guide Dogs / SWNS)
Everyone, this is Trigger. Not only is he a handsome-looking thing, but the golden retriever has been doing his bit for Guide Dogs charity, too.

That’s because Trigger is the UK’s most prolific guide stud dog – and has welcomed more than 200 puppies.

So far, he’s fathered a whopping 239 puppies for the charity, since joining the breeding programme at the age of one.

Trigger is looked after by volunteer Sarah Byrne and even travelled to France to visit a guide dog school called Les Chiens Guides D’Aveugles De L’Ouest, in 2019

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There, he fathered a litter of puppies with one of the school’s golden retrievers, Sybil, before returning home with his son, Pierre.

Now Pierre is following in his father’s footsteps and has joined the charity’s breeding programme himself – and has his first litter due later this year.

 Stud dog Trigger in a field
So handsome (Picture: Guide Dogs / SWNS)

Hannah Fellows, a breeding dog advisor for the charity, said: ‘Not only is Trigger a lovely boy, he has additional value in being half outside bred.

‘Introducing new bloodlines into the programme ensures an appropriate level of genetic diversity, which limits our rate of inbreeding, and in turn, helps us breed healthy and happy dogs.

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‘Trigger’s one of those boys who has it all – a true golden boy.’

Stud dog Trigger
Look at that face (Picture: Guide Dogs / SWNS)
Trigger also fathered the record-breaking number of Guide Dog puppies that were born late last year. In fact, the 16 German shepherd-golden retriever puppies were Trigger’s 28th litter – but a first for their mum Unity.

Now around eight weeks old, they are guaranteed to make your heart melt.

According to the American Kennel Club, the average litter size for a German shepherd is eight puppies.

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