Please enjoy these three giant poodles playing toddlers

Giant poodles and a baby
Just look at this cuteness (Picture: tamanegi.qoo.riku)
Meet Riku, Gaku, and Qoo – three oh so adorable poodles. Their owner – a grandmother-of-two from Japan- has been documenting their relationship with her grandkids Mame and Mugi.

The gorgeous dogs have been watching over the grandkids since they were babies, posing for pictures as they play games together, dress up and give each other cuddles.

The giant poodles, otherwise known as royal poodles, aren’t actually a separate breed of dog, they’re just bigger versions of the standard breed and can weigh more than four stone.

Riku, Gaku and Qoo are all pretty similar in size making them look like a fabulous trio. Riku – who is Mame’s best friend – is eleven years old while Qoo is thirteen years old and Gaku is three.

And the little gang of kids and doggos have amassed quite a following too.

More than 500,000 people tune into the grandma’s Instagram account, @tamanegi.qoo.riku, where they can see an abundance of cuteness.
Little girl with poodle
It started off with just Mame and the dogs (Picture: tamanegi.qoo.riku)

We caught up with the grandma who tells us she’s had Qoo since 2007. In 2008, she then got Riku. The most recent of the gang is Gaku who is just a few years older than the youngest grandchild Mugi.

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Little Mugi has also taken to the dogs and is often photographed hugging them or even wearing matching clothes with them.

The grandma tells ‘My grandchildren and dogs are good friends. They’ve all been together since the kids were born.’

We wish we had these adorable poodles as childhood friends.

Please enjoy their adorable pictures together:

Kids with giant poodles
Soon Mugi was born and joined the gangs (Picture: tamanegi.qoo.riku)
Kids and giant poodles
Now they’re all best of friends (Picture: tamanegi.qoo.riku)
Baby with poodles wearing polka dot onesies
They even wear matching clothes (Picture: tamanegi.qoo.riku)
Baby and dogs wearing capes for halloween
See (Picture: tamanegi.qoo.riku)
Dogs and baby at home
The family has lots of items around the house that look like poodles (Picture: tamanegi.qoo.riku)
Little girl pouring coffee next to dog
Mame, the eldest grandchild, has enjoyed the dogs for longer (Picture: tamanegi.qoo.riku)
Girl and dog wearing blankets
Her grandmother started the Instagram account to show the relationship between the two (Picture: tamanegi.qoo.riku)
Poodle and girl dressed similarly
They’ve done lots of things together (Picture: tamanegi.qoo.riku)
Baby reading next to giant poodle
Now Mugi is enjoying his time with the dogs (Picture: tamanegi.qoo.riku)
Baby hugging poodle
He loves giving them cuddles (Picture: tamanegi.qoo.riku)
Dog and baby sleeping
We can’t handle this cuteness (Picture: tamanegi.qoo.riku)

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