Playful Labrador hijacks live weather report by stealing journalist’s microphone- Video

A CHEEKY Labrador stole the spotlight from a weather reporter as he ran off with her microphone leaving viewers giggling at the lively pooch.

Russia: Dog steals reporter's microphone during broadcast

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Nadezhda Serezhkina was delivering a live weather forecast about the Spring weather from the Sparrow Hills, overlooking Moscow. She explained: “Spring has arrived in Moscow, the temperature will be +8C, +9C,”
Then, the report descended into chaos when the cheeky Labrador retriever named Martin jumped up and stole the reporter’s microphone. The helpless woman shouted: “Stop, stop, come here!”But there was no stopping Martin and he ran down the road as poor Nadezhda tried to chase him.Back in the Mir TV studio, presenter Elina Dashkueva looked stunned before explaining that the connection with the weather reporter had been lost.

She later joked that “no-one was injured, but the microphone took a bite or two”.

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Dog crashes weather report

A dog crashed a weather report in Russia. (Image: MIR 24)

Dog steals microphone

The dog jumped up and stole the journalist's microphone. (Image: MIR 24)

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She finished the report by shaking the dog’s paw as he licked the microphone.

Viewers were loving the weather report with one person commenting: “The dog made the story,” and another said: “Humans, this is how you do news. Replace it with dogs taking things and you running after them.”

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Dog steals microphone

The journalist got her microphone back in the end. (Image: MIR 24)The dog, named Pierogi, ran over to Mr Barnard and he quickly scooped her up in his arms.

Mr Barnard said: “Forget the people we talked to earlier, I want to get to know this dog!”

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Pierogi seemed quite happy with Mr Barnard and was sniffing and licking his face.

The puppy’s owner eventually came out of her house after realising Pierogi had jumped over the gate to get in on the action.

The report ended when the presenter suggested Mr Barnard should set up a play date with Pierogi and his own dog, Meredith.