Pit Bull Gifts for Dog Lovers

Whether you’re at the dog park or a pet-friendly beach, you’re sure to see a Pit Bull dog with an adoring pet parent right behind them. Ask any Pit Bull mom or dad what they love about their pooch, and you’ll probably hear some pretty awesome Pit Bull facts plus how loyal, smart and downright hilarious they are!

If you’re looking for a gift for an adoring Pit Bull parent or another dog lover, nothing could be more appropriate than something that pays tribute to this fun, people-loving breed. Here are a few ideas for Pit Bull gifts to get you started.

Gifts for a Pit Bull Dog

Sometimes the best gifts for dog lovers are those that spoil their favorite furry friend. With that in mind, here are some ideas for dog gifts that are sure to thrill any Pittie lover!

1. The Gift of Surprise

pit bull gifts goody box

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Everyone—and every dog—loves being spoiled. If you’re looking for a dog gift full of surprises, a Chewy goody box might be the paw-fect present! The Made in the USA Goody Box for dogs is just one option that features five or more USA-made gifts, including delicious snacks and chew toys.

2. The Gift for Tough Chewers

goughnuts pit bull gifts

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Wouldn’t it be great if your Pittie’s toys could tell you when they’re no longer safe? The durable GoughNuts stick dog toy features a red safety indicator that lets parents know when it’s time to replace it. Designed for tough and aggressive chewers, like your average Pit Bull-type dog, the toy wipes clean with warm water.

3. The Gift of “Clean”

dog shampoo pit bull gifts

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Why not pamper your favorite Pittie with a clean-smelling shampoo? Vetericyn FoamCare shampoo is easy to apply with its spray-on formula. The conditioning shampoo leaves a fresh, clean scent and contains vital nutrients for optimal skin health. Choose from a low-density coat formula (perfect for that short Pit Bull dog coat) or a medicated formula made to help heal common canine skin problems.

Gifts for a Pit Bull Parent

Gifts for dog lovers don’t always have to be all about the pup. If you’re looking for something a little more human oriented, these Pit Bull gifts will make any Pittie parent’s day.

1. A Gift for the Expressive

pit bull magnet

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Do you know someone who can’t stop talking about their precious Pit Bull dog? They’ll probably enjoy Imagine This Company’s Pit Bull Bone Magnet—it’s a great way to proclaim their love of Pit Bulls on their car, fridge and even their mailbox. Made with a weather-friendly print using high-gloss UV ink, the magnet is made to last through rain or shine.

2. Something for the Organized

pit bull gifts leash holder

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Let’s face it; there are times we are searching endlessly for our car keys or dog leash. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could find our keys quickly?

With the SportHooks Pit Bull leash and key holder, the Pit Bull lovers in your life can place all their dog walking essentials and house keys together, which means longer walks.

3. For the Coffee Lover

pit bull mug

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For the Pittie parents who love to curl up with a cup of coffee, the Dimension 9 Pit Bull coffee mug might be the gift for them. This adorable ceramic mug holds 8 ounces and is microwave and dishwasher safe, so the pup parent in your life can use it all the time. Black paw prints accent the inside lip of the mug and a vibrant painted picture of a Pit Bull dog graces the front.

4. For the Reader

pit bull book

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Pit Bull dog parents who prefer to cozy up with a good read likely will enjoy the “I’m a Good Dog: Pit Bulls, America’s Most Beautiful (and Misunderstood) Pet” coffee book. This page-turner features inspiring stories and gorgeous Pittie photographs that may convince you to get one for yourself, too.

5. Add Some Street Style with a Sign

Pit Bull Gifts

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Sometimes a home can go to the dogs, and we mean that in the best way possible. For the Pit Bull parents that live by this, make sure it shows with the Imagine This Company Pit Bull street sign. That way it’s clear for anyone entering the humble abode that it’s a Pit Bull place.

Whether you’re looking to pamper your friend’s Pit Bull dog or give something just for them, the perfect gifts for dog lovers are ones that acknowledge their furry best friends. Happy shopping!

By: Kristen Levine

Featured Image: via Chewy Studios