Pilot dresses up as Batman to fly rescue animals to their forever homes

Florida man dressed as batman standing next to his private jet
‘Batman and Robin’ have saved the lives of animals across Florida and beyond (Picture: Mediadrumimages/ChrisVanDorn)
Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it’s a man dressed as Batman flying through the skies. Yes, we know that line is from Superman but it’s Gotham’s Dark Knight that Chris Van Dorn dresses up as when he flies animals to safety.

The 26-year-old adorns the superhero suit every time he rescues cats and dogs, taking them to their forever homes.

After his family adopted a dog, Chris saw the hard work of the volunteers who had saved the pooch from an uncertain fate

He was then inspired to start his own not-for-profit charity Batman4Paws, combining his love of animals, flying, and his childhood icon.

Batman and the kitten he rescued
No Catwoman for this Batman, just little kitties (Picture: Mediadrumimages/ChrisVanDorn)
When his family took in a happy go lucky Australian Shepherd, later named Mr Boots, Chris had just got his private pilot’s license. He mainly operates in Florida but goes out of state to deliver other animals to rescue centres, no kill facilities and foster homes. He even has a ‘Batmobile’ (it’s basically a two-door Honda Civic).

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‘As a child, I looked up to the values that superheroes such as Batman stood for and thought that would be the perfect vessel to embody the spirit of goodwill,’ he said.

Batman with a dog he rescued
On his way to rescue some pets (Picture: Mediadrumimages/ChrisVanDorn)
During his missions, Batman is frequently accompanied by his faithful canine companion Mr Boots or Robin.

Like all great comic book heroes, Mr Boots has his very own origin story.

‘Mr Boots was found wandering around the woods in Alabama emaciated and covered in fleas and ticks.
Rescue dog giving chris a lick
Kisses for Batman (Picture: Mediadrumimages/ChrisVanDorn)
‘With the help of Dog Liberator and another non-profit named PilotsnPaws, they organised and facilitated the transportation and rescue of this scruffy looking pooch to me.

‘It was their hard work that inspired me to start my own charity last year.

Chris flying his jet, not in uniform
Off duty (Picture: Mediadrumimages/ChrisVanDorn)

‘Seeing the harsh depressing reality that shelter pets have to go through every day, oftentimes being put down at no fault of their own, are what motivate me to want to do my best to find cats, dogs, and other animals forever homes.

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Batman with a dog he rescued
The Dark Knight will rise and rescue a pet near you (if you’re in Florida or thereabouts) (Picture: Mediadrumimages/ChrisVanDorn)

‘It’s a great feeling to serve my community and there’s plenty more to do. My motto is “til every cage is empty!”

‘Start where you are, use what you have, and do what you can to be the change.’

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