PetSmart accused of throwing alive hamsters and a bird into the trash

A pet superstore chain is investigating whether “live animals” were thrown away at a number of locations in the US, after “dumpster divers” found unwanted pets including hamsters and a parakeet.

The so-called “dumping” of live animals at PetSmart stores in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania , and North Canton, Ohio , was highlighted by “dumpster divers” on TikTok in recent days. In a viral TikTok from last week, a self-proclaimed “dumpster diver” said she found live hamsters in a box that had been thrown into a dumpster near a PetSmart in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania.

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In footage that has been viewed more than 1.2 million times, @bherman18 said she “found a box of f*****g hamsters” while looking for thrown away pet food. Three hamsters were found in the box with the words “live animals” and “three Chinese dwarf hamsters” written on it, @bherman18 alleged. The box and hamsters could be seen in the video.


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@bherman18 said PetSmart was investigating the apparent “dumping” of hamsters at Selinsgrove, where a manager “tried to say that he didn’t think they came from the store” when she confronted him. “When I took the hamsters in and questioned them about it, they really had the audacity to try and keep them,” said @bherman18 in another TikTok video. “And I demanded that I wasn’t leaving the store without them.”She added that she wanted to adopt the hamsters after a veterinary check and quarantine, and that PetSmart were still investigating the alleged “dumping”, in a TikTok on Saturday. Another TikToker and “dumpster diver” meanwhile alleged that a bird was abandoned among the trash at a PetSmart in North Canton, Ohio. @jessicakollar3 said she was dumpster diving with her mum last week when she “found a live bird in the dumpster”, along with pet food for the bird, which was described as looking “totally fine”.

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It was sent for a veterinary check and put into quarantine, according to the TikTokker, who said in a follow-upthat PetSmart were investigating what happened.

It remains unclear whether or not a PetSmart worker or a member of the public put the bird into the dumpster, and PetSmart were allegedly reviewing footage and interviewing staff about the bird.

PetSmart told The Independent that it was aware of both claims, and hat “Nothing is more important to us than the health and safety of pets in our care.”

“We are actively reviewing these situations, and we have taken steps to ensure the pets in question are receiving appropriate care,” a spokesperson added.

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