Pets lockdown problem: What's life in lockdown like for pets?

Cooped up with their humans at home, here's how the furry babies are adapting to a life of social distancing
Video calls with the vet Bhopal based Wedding photographer Swapnil Namdev - who has an eight-year-old Pomeranian called Pepsi - says he got worried when she appeared to have injured her leg.

“She was walking weirdly, so her doctor suggested that we do a video call and he could check her online. Telemedicine and online consultation has helped a lot during this time of social distancing.”

Indore based home maker Sneha Parulkar’s 6 years old Dachshund Tara started vomiting suddenly and she couldn’t understand what to do. “My area is completely sealed and I didn’t know what to do. I called Tara’s vet and he asked me to send the images of his tongue, paws and eyes. I also sent him the image of his vomit and he diagnosed that he is suffering him loose motions. I luckily had the medicine at home so we could manage.” Veterinarian Rahul Choudhary is giving free online consultations to his furry patients this lockdown. “Since I started promoting my services online I have been flooded with at least 50 calls in a day. There are certain medicines for pets and animals which are same like for loose motions, vomiting and fever etc and these medicines are available at the local medicine stores as well. This is the transit period from winter to summer so animals are being caught with the seasonal ailments. If some develop some infection or get hurt then I do video calls consults too. I am not charging anything because this the time when we all need to help each other.” Pets develop a taste for homemade food Bhopal’s Educationist Lavanya Singh ran out of dog food recently, and has taken to cooking for her one-year-old golden retriever Phoebe instead. “Even though I had stocked up on pet food and chicken when the lockdown was announced, it eventually got over. So, off late, I have been feeding her with home made curd rice and roti. Cookies and biscuits are his new treats,” shares Lavnaya.

Gurugram based Architecture student Harshita Dawani has a 2 year old Bullmastiff Hogo who is now completely relied upon home made food. “My dog loves eating baked items. I had recently baked him vegetable cookies of peas, beans, and carrots mixed with rice and yeast. The best part is that they can be stored and given later too. Since I have college work too so its easu to store these. He never liked eating daal but now he is eating all the kinds like moong, toor and masoor because he knows that post that he will get a bog bowl of milk as a treat.” When pooches get cabin fever Since she is living in a containment zone, Bhubaneswar based documentation specialist Shivani Upadhyay can no longer take her one-year-old Labrador Pluto out for walks. “So, we have put away all the unnecessary furniture - like extra tables and chairs - in the store room to give Pluto extra space to walk or run around in the house," shares Shivani. Mumbai based Town planner Akkashh Chauhaan, who has a 10-year-old Doberman, Shadow, also ensures he keeps his furry baby fit through home workouts. “Climbing stairs is a very effective way of exercising for humans, and so I thought it would work for Shadow too. After consulting with the vet, we started with the new regime. I live on the 13th floor and we go down stairs through the lift and then climb the stairs till the 13th floor,” shares Akkashh.

Games galore

While the humans have Ludo and Animal Crossing, there are plenty of games one can try with their pets too. Noida based Freelance content writer Roshni Trivedi loves playing different games with her five-year-old Husky, Cupid, to keep up her spirits. “She loves oranges and so every evening we play with them. I hide a piece somewhere in the house and she finds it. Sometimes I hide it in one of my hands, and then hold up both for her to guess.” Chennai based mechanical enginner Prakher Jain plays the Doggo version of the cup game with his 4 years old pug Momo. “This is a game we all have seen in Bollywood movies and I saw online that this game helps in keeping a dog mentally fit which is the need of the hour. Initially momo couldn’t understand but now that we have played it several times she know which cup to look under. I put three cups and one treat under one and then show her once. Then I shuffle them and she has to choose the treat cup.” Special quarantine potty training Mumbai based Doctor Rishabh Rokde saw a few posts online where owners were training their pets to use washrooms in their house. He is now trying the same with his eight-year-old Labrador Ludo. “It's really difficult for Labradors to stay at home because they need to walk outdoors at least once in a day. It's been 12 days since I have been training him to use the human loo, and it's only partly a success. He still ends up doing his business in the house, which is okay, since it's a difficult time for him too.”

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