Pets at Home is selling jackets to keep animals calm during fireworks

Dogs and cats wearing the Thundershirt that claims to help calm anxiety
The Thundershirt uses pressure to keep pets calm (Picture: Pets at Home/Getty)

Pet owners probably don’t need the rhyme to remember the 5th of November.

You know Bonfire Night is coming when the fireworks start at this time of year and your poor animal becomes terrified. To help keep your cats or dogs calm, Pets at Home is selling a range of products, including the Thundershirt – a jacket that acts like a ‘constant hug’ for your pet. According to the RSPCA, 57% of dogs become stressed when they hear loud bangs and almost half display signs of fear when they hear sudden noises so it’s important to try to keep them settled.

The Thundershirt works by applying gentle pressure, a bit like a weighted gravity blanket, which have become popular for humans with anxiety.

According to Pets at Home, over 80% of dogs showed improvement in symptoms when using the Thundershirt, based on a survey with over 2,000 responses.

They are available for both cats and dogs from £30 and range from sizes XS to XL.

You’ll need to measure your pet’s chest just behind the front legs at its largest point to get the right size.

The store is also selling calming sprays and diffusers to help soothe your furry friends.

A Safe Place. Creating a safe place for your pet is crucial to its comfort. Make sure your pet has its own place of comfort where it can rest, relax and feel secure.

It’s also important to make sure your pets are comfortable and try not to leave them alone.

Close windows and doors and pull the curtains to block out flashes of light and try to reduce some of the noise.

Remember that some fireworks displays will happen this weekend so stick to routine all week as well.

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