Pet Wish List: 8 Gifts Your Dog Wants

Your pup is such a good dog that he deserves a little surprise now and then. But not just any surprise—something he would put on his own “wish list.”

What dog doesn’t wag over new dog plush toys or a cozy new dog beds? Whether you’re stocking up on dog treat toys for the holidays or you just want to shower your pupper with love, we know these eight pet gifts are exactly what your dog’s pet wish list would include.

1. Did Someone Say Treats?

pet wish list - dog jerky treat


A meaty morsel that’s packed with beef protein—a canine delight—is an ideal way to pamper your pet or work on a new trick. Grab a couple bags of Bones & Chews’ Jerky treats to give as gifts.

These savory, all-natural beef jerky chews are made in the USA and make a great stocking stuffer or convenient treat for your training bag or kitchen canister. Containing just eight ingredients, the treats include no grains, soy, fillers, preservatives or artificial colors.

2. New Bed, Who Dis?

pet wish list - dog in dog bed


Frisco’s Sherpa Cuddler dog bed will be a warm and cozy slice of heaven for your small doggo. Designed with one side cut lower for easy entry, this soft, cuddly bed is made of machine-washable fleece and twill. Design-savvy homeowners will appreciate the modern geometric print, which complements most interior décor schemes and color palettes.

For medium and large dogs, Frisco’s Sherpa bolster rectangular dog bed is a perfect choice. It, too, provides the same coziness, a lower side for easy entry and the fashionable geometric twill print on the outside.

3. Thank You Beary Much

Pet Wish List dog with bear toy


Need some plush dog toys for under the tree? Frisco’s squeaking bear dog toy fits the bill, with a built-in squeaker and minimal stuffing—which means less fluff to vacuum up. The super soft fabric will inspire your fur baby to tote it to bed each night, while the durable nylon lining helps it retain its shape after each day’s play sessions.

4. Add Some Extra Flavor

pet wish list solid gold beef broth for dogs


Get on board with the bone broth trend and pick up Solid Gold’s Bone Broth food topper to pour over your dog’s dinner for a yummy (and healthy) meal. Finicky eaters will be thrilled to taste actual turkey broth, and pups with sensitive teeth will enjoy the softer texture the liquid creates when poured on dry kibble.

As a bonus, the resealable pouch makes it easy to take it along when you travel, or use one packet for multiple meals.

5. Go Long!

pet wish list: dog with football toy


Talk about a touchdown! If your pet loves the noisy reaction he gets when he chews his new presents, consider Frisco’s Tug & Fetch squeaking football dog toy.

You can play fetch and let your pup work on the squeaker with this fun choice for football season. This pick comes in different sizes so you can match it to your particular breed.

When you’re tired of the din, simply mute the football with a quick push of the button.

6. Chew on This

pet wish list bones and chews elk antler


You can’t go wrong with antler dog chews, a classic canine gift. USA Bones & Chews’ elk antler dog chew offers a great source of bone-healthy calcium and phosphorus.

The chew also exercises your pup’s jaws while cleaning his teeth and gums. This all-natural antler contains no fillers and is never treated with chemicals, bleach, dyes or formaldehyde.

7. Make Playtime Last

pet wish list frisco tug and fetch dumbbell


Got a rough and tumble pup? Frisco’s Tug & Fetch dumbbell dog toy is crafted from sturdy rubber and fabric so it won’t deteriorate when you play tug-of-war.

The built-in handle and cool dumbbell shape mean this toy can be thrown far for extra running and outdoor fun. Plus, this gift is a quiet one—there’s no squeaker inside (a gift for the humans!).

8. Fresh Breath? Yes, Paw-lease

whimzees dog treats


If you’re looking for an oral hygiene gift, WHIMZEES’ Brushzees 30-day dental treats will keep your pup busy and satisfied while they keep his chompers clean.

Your vet probably has told you that daily brushing is important for your dog’s dental health, and these long-lasting chews can do the job for you as they’re designed to scrub off plaque and tartar while your dog gnaws away. So they’re a gift for you, too! Since they’re gluten- and GMO-free, you can feel good about rewarding your fur baby every day.

Whenever you feel like getting a little something extra special for your pupper, use this pet wish list as the ultimate guide to make your doggo’s dreams come true. Any of these pet gifts will end with his tail wagging.

Jennifer Kelly Geddes is a New York City writer/editor and the mom of two teenage girls. She’s also the devoted owner of a rescue pup named Django, a temperamental Shepherd mix. Geddes has worked for Food & Wine, Parenting, Seventeen and Airbnb magazines and creates content for dozens of sites, including Care, Fisher-Price, the National Sleep Foundation and Realtor.

Featured Image: By Chewy Studios