People share pictures of pets named after Harry Potter characters

(Picture: Twitter/@BrizzyVoices)

You might remember Remus – the adorable mini dachshund who responds to Harry Potter spells.

What a clever pup.

His owner, actress and YouTuber Anna Brisbane, taught Remus to sit, stay and roll over when she waves her magic wand and says certain incantations – it made for a great video .

But Anna isn’t the only Harry Potter obsessed pet owner out there.

Her latest Tweet has got people sharing pictures of their pets – all of whom have been named after iconic characters from the wizarding series.

And we want to cuddle all of them. Well, maybe not Aragog…

Luna 🌛

— Ben Carlin (@SCB_Ben)

Aragog the curly-haired tarantula 🤓

— maura (@painthands)

Here's MadEye and Hedwig.

— Cyclone (@JulyCyclone)

My babies are Luna and Neville ⚡️

— Aureylian △⃒⃘ (@aureylian)

The thread has inspired more than 230 responses from pet owners around the world.

It’s mostly dogs and cats, but there are a few surprising critters thrown in for good measure.

This is my chinese dwarf hamster luna!! Named after luna lovegood obviously. Shes my favorite. I also have another hamster named bibble.

— fairy boi (@ajaxzelda18)

This is Cedric

— karisa (@killjoykarisa)

Dobby 😊

— Jenniffler (@JenTheRavenclaw)

Salazar Slytherin 🐍

— r. (@viederaz)

A Beatles hit. It’s rumored that, at the end of the Beatles song, “A Day in the Life,” Paul McCartney recorded an ultrasonic whistle, audible only to dogs, just for his Shetland sheepdog.

This is Ginny the bunny!!

— Brandy🐱🐰🐺 (@_zombielemonade)

Popular names include Dobby, Ginny and Luna, but Minerva is a popular choice for cats – for obvious reasons.