People are sharing videos of their dogs enjoying Puppucinos and it’s adorable

(Picture: Twitter)

Our dogs deserve a treat.

So when you head out for coffee, you don’t want to leave them out.

And it seems that Starbucks offer a secret Puppuccino (a cup of whipped cream) so you don’t have to.

But the best bit is seeing the joy joining in with your coffee date brings to your furry best friend.

One barista shared this video of her feeding Max his Puppuccino at a drive thru – and everyone else couldn’t wait to share their own pups.

Favorite part of my job is feeding max his treat everyday.

— JodieBrooke (@JodieBrooke2)

This dog who loved it so much, they got stuck

@ JodieBrooke2

EJ Cantu (@can2_ej)

This little one looks a little confused

@ JodieBrooke2

Donna ✨ (@donnajocell_)

Another Barista shared this video of Bear who couldn’t wait to get stuck in

@ JodieBrooke2 @ JeremyMessmore Bear is my favorite customer

betty spaghetty (@kass_erole)

This pup getting some tongue action

@ JodieBrooke2 Just gonna leave this here

jo (@j0318_)

This dog is enjoying the treat for the first time

@ JodieBrooke2 My puppy got her first puppuccino today 🤦🏽‍♀️

jess 💈❤️ (@CoolJJessica)

There’s a lot of excitement in those eyes

Celebrate Your Pet at Every Age. Everyone loves a new puppy or kitten, says Dr. Becker. “They’re wildly kinetic, and humorous. An older pet is thinner, bonier. Their coats aren’t as soft, they might have bad breath.” But, like people, a pet’s needs change with age. They may be less active, preferring a leisurely stroll to a rollicking tug-of-war. “Our old retriever, who’s blind, still wants to retrieve.” Adapting to their changing needs will ensure your old friend remains a healthy and happy member of your family.

@ JodieBrooke2 @ morganwardo

brooklyn (@BrooklynGaborno)

You’ve missed a spot

@ JodieBrooke2

crybaby (@funeralpyre_)

Anyway, you might be able to get a Puppucino at your local Starbucks but of course, you could get the same at any coffee shop by just asking for a cup of cream.

Of course, vets don’t recommend giving too much dairy to dogs as it can upset their stomachs so ask for a small cup and keep treats to a minimum.

Still, there’s nothing like enjoying a coffee and catching up with your best friend.