People are loving this dog that looks like ‘Yoda and Dobby had a baby’

Pictures of Mork the dog who looks like Dobby and Baby Yoda
We all need a Mork in our life (Picture: Instagram @morkskywalker)
If Yoda and Dobby had a kid, what would it look like? Exactly like a dog called Mork, it seems. With pointy ears and and big eyes, Mork Skywalker has become a social media sensation. His uncanny likeness to both the Star Wars and Harry Potter characters has given him a worldwide appeal and online users can’t get enough of him. Mork was rescued from China’s meat trade by an organisation called Harbin SHS that saves animals in the country. He was so weak, he had to be hospitalised and almost died.

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Thankfully, Mork pulled through and two years ago he was rescued by Road Dogs & Rescue in the US.
Instagram @morkskywalker
Yoda and Dobby in one (Picture: Instagram @morkskywalker)
Now living in Los Angeles, his new owner Nikki Carvey (who is the founder of Road Dogs & Rescue) regularly posts about his life online.

According to his official Instagram page, Mork is ‘on a mission to share love and wonder.’

The page is a homage to the pooch, with thousands of adorable pictures and videos depicting his daily adventures.

With 303,000 followers on Instagram, Mork is a TikTok sensation too with over 291,000 followers and 3.9 million likes.

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Picture of Mork Skywalker
Mork was rescued from China’s meat trade (Picture: Instagram @morkskywalker)
Viewers adore getting a peak into Mork’s life and can’t help but compare him to his famous character lookalikes. ‘Aww Mork aka Baby Yoda aka Dobby is giving us a big kiss. MUAH back to you Mort,’ wrote one user underneath a TikTok video.

‘He is Dobby,’ said another.

‘He is the cutest fur baby in the world,’ added a third.

Mork’s owner Nikki tells Metro that the pup is ‘99% cosmic awesomeness.’

‘He looks like a little alien which is why I called him Mork but he actually acts very much like a cat,’ she says.

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‘He appreciates love and attention when he’s in the mood but is also very independent and enjoys his space.

‘He has a very sweet personality and is generally pretty lazy. Although, he gets the zoomies every now and again and can becomes quite the bathtub diva.’

Nikki says she is extremely touched by people’s love for Mork.

‘It has been so amazing to see how Mork makes people smile,’ she explains. His journey is one of darkness into light so his story has helped people who are struggling.

‘He reminds them to believe in possibilities and have hope and that is really inspiring.’

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