Pawdicures are a thing! People are wearing matching nail polish with their dogs

They say dogs look like their owners , but this trend takes it to a whole other level.

People are sharing matching nail colors and designs with their pooches all over social media. After all, who better to get a pedicure with than your best friend?

Sybil Summers, an on-air personality for 98.7 KLUV in Dallas, caught wind of the trend and wanted to try it with Duncan, her pit bull/boxer rescue.

“She actually loves being pampered,” Summers told TODAY Style . “If she sees me doing something beauty-wise, she lets me do it to her, too.”

Summers had painted her own nails the day before and decided to polish her pup’s nails with similar colors.

They went with alternating nail colors in gray, purple and green. But scroll through Instagram hashtags like #pawdicure and #pawlish, and you'll see plenty of other doggy-and-me nail inspiration photos.

Some sport bright colors and fun designs:

Others are ready for holiday festivities:

While a professional groomer can help, you can also try it yourself as long as you use a non-toxic, pet-friendly polish.

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You can find pet-specific brands on the market including Warren London and Princess Pawdicure.

These brands are different from the typical human polishes in that they don’t have an odor and they’re quick-drying — so your pup doesn’t have to sit and stay for too long.

Summers DIYed the pawdicure and said said her pup Duncan was loving it. “She pretty much just lay there,” she said. “Of course, I did have the treats nearby.”

The reactions to her matching nails with Duncan have been mostly positive, she said. “People love it. If you read some of the comments, most of the women thought it was adorable and wanted to try it. Most of the men jokingly poked fun at us.”

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