Parkland shooting survivors make therapy dogs a year book to say thank you

Parkland shooting survivors make therapy dogs a year book
(Picture: Aerie Yearbook)
Students in Parkland, Florida have been coping with the aftermath of an horrific mass shooting with the help of therapy dogs.

Now the kids have created an adorable year book to say thank you to the 14 dogs that were assigned to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

And the pictures are just too cute for words.

The dogs dressed in their best for the occasion, with one even sporting a dapper bow tie. Gotta look good on picture day.

Parkland shooting survivors make therapy dogs a year book
(Picture: Aerie Yearbook)
The dogs showcased in the book included Gail Policella, Sophie Levy, Annie Sultenfuss, River Haneski and Grace Goodwill, also known as ‘therapydogprincess’ and Schooner Davis.
The Aerie Yearbook tweeted out pics of the book and people on Twitter were, understandably, delighted. ‘This is so awesome! The ultimate honor for any therapy dog is knowing he/she made a positive difference in another’s life. So happy to see these wonderful #TherapyDogs being honored this way!! #PawFive,’ wrote one.

‘Omg this is so beautiful. We just don’t deserve dogs,’ said someone else.

‘Dogs are so amazing,’ added another.

Parkland shooting survivors make therapy dogs a year book
(Picture: Aerie Yearbook)

And aside from recognising the therapy dogs’ amazing achievements, some were also keen to hype up the pups for absolutely slaying their photo shoot.

Gail snapped! We love our long legged queen,’ wrote one woman.

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Canine photo day took place last October, and the dogs were apparently instructed to place their paws on an image of human footprints.

Including the therapy/service dogs in the yearbook is the best decision we’ve made so far like this one dog had a bowtie and my heart 😭💗💕

— natasha (@sighnatasha)
The therapy dogs were brought to the Florida high school to help the children cope with trauma after a gunman shot and killed 17 people on campus last year. The first official therapy dog at the school was a Bernese mountain mix named River.

The suspected shooter, who is a former student at the school, confessed to the attack on video and could now face the death penalty.

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