Owning a dog will help you find love

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They might be man’s best friend, but could a dog lead you to romance?

New figures suggests that dog owners are far more likely to meet new people, be asked on a date, and find love than those without a furry friend.

The research, carried out by the Kennel Club, shows that dog owners are luckier in love. They found that 72% of London dog owners were married or in a relationship, compared to 55% of non-dog owners.

So if you’re sick of barking up the wrong tree, the answer is simple – get yourself a dog.

But why is is this the case? Is there something about dog owners that’s just intrinsically more loveable?

It may be down to more practical reasons.

35% of dog owners in London said that they had been asked on a date or found love while they were out walking their dog. That makes sense. Approaching someone in a park to talk about their dog is sweet and appealing. Without a dog – it’s pretty creepy.

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Dog lovers are also more likely to look on the bright side of life – which makes them good candidates for falling wildly in love.

Dog owners are more likely to feel positive about finding ‘the one’ and to report that they enjoy dating. This positive outlook likely contributes to their success in the love department.

It also makes you more likeable. 30% of Londoners say they wouldn’t date someone who didn’t like dogs. So changing your Tinder profile to a snap of you cuddling a French Bulldog is likely to boost your odds of getting lucky.

Kennel Club Secretary, Caroline Kisko, thinks the results are unsurprising.

‘It makes sense when you consider that dogs are a great ice breaker, when strangers may otherwise not look twice at each other, and that we tend to have very positive associations about people who love dogs,’ says Caroline.

‘Of course, whilst the benefits of dog ownership are profound – from the potential for an increased social circle, to how dogs help us to unwind through a daily walk and a hug – it isn’t and shouldn’t be for everybody.

‘But our research shows that Londoners are leading increasingly busy and disconnected lives, where it is possible to go for weeks on end without so much as a hug.’

The Kennel Club are hosting a Discover Dogs event at ExCeL London on 20-21 October to help people pick out the perfect pooch for them.

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