Owner bound dog’s mouth shut and tried to sell it to meat vendors

A dog has been rescued in China after its owner bound its mouth with a plastic band and tried to sell it for its meat. Shocking footage of the dog shows it struggling to eat from the ground as the band digs into its nose tightly. The animal was found on the streets of Xi’an and is now said to have been taken in by a pet shop who are working to find it a new home. The previous owner, a farmer, is believed to have tried selling the dog to meat vendors because he had to move house and could no longer care for it. Liu Aiwei, an animal lover who helped look for the dog after it was first seen in the city, said the owner was the one who bound the animal’s mouth shut.

She described how the dog had then escaped ‘halfway’ during the journey to the meat vendors. Workers at the pet shop took the dog in when it passed their doors.

Dog found in China with mouth bound shut by owner
The dog needed surgery after it was rescued (Picture: Pear)
Dog found in China with mouth bound shut by owner
Its owner had reportedly moved house and tried to sell it to meat vendors (Picture: Pear)
Staff at the shop told media outlet Pear the dog needed surgery and was operated on under their care. The dog meat trade is still flourishing in some parts of China, despite the animal being removed the nation’s official list of livestock in May. The country’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs stated that dogs should now be considered as ‘pets and companion animals only’.

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Two Chinese cities, Shenzhen and Zhuhai, have also banned the eating of dogs as as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Reports have indicated that Covid-19 could have originated in bats and may have passed to humans by intermediary species on sale in the markets of the city of Wuhan, where the virus first broke out.
Dog found in China with mouth bound shut by owner
They are now seeking a new home for the dog (Picture: Pear)
But despite the updated regulations, animal welfare group the Humane Society International still estimate around 10,000,000 dogs are killed a year in China, which is a delicacy in some regions.
The city of Yulin, in Guangxi, was said to have opened its annual dog meat festival ‘as usual’ in June.

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