Oregon man reunites with missing cat after he was found in New Mexico 5 years later

An Oregon man was reunited this week with his cat who went missing five years ago before it showed up at an animal shelter more than 1,300 miles away in Santa Fe, New Mexico.Viktor Usov had assumed that his feline, Sasha, had been devoured by coyotes when the cat disappeared in 2014, just several months after Usov adopted him, NBC affiliate KGW in Portland reported.Sasha had a microchip, and when an animal control officer in New Mexico brought in the cat, an employee scanned him and called Usov."When I last saw him, he was like, maybe the size of a large burrito and now I'm assuming he's the size of four large burritos," said an elated Usov, after Sasha arrived Tuesday at Portland International Airport on Tuesday night. "He's just huge."
Usov recounted the unbelievable call he received from the animal shelter a month ago.

"'We have this long-haired black cat. It's attached to your name on its microchip, is it yours?'" Usov recalled the shelter asking.

When he heard the words "Santa Fe," Usov said he couldn't believe his ears.

"There's no way this is my cat please ... describe him to me," Usov said he replied.

Even though Sasha's fur was matted, life on the streets of Santa Fe apparently wasn't unbearable as the feline weighed in at a plump 19 pounds.

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"He's not skinny, he's definitely been eating," shelter employee Murad Kirdar said. "He eats well."No one knows how Sasha traveled 1,300-plus miles from the Pacific Northwest to the Land of Enchantment.

"My goodness, I missed you," Usov said, cradling his long-lost cat.

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