Oprah 'sits down' with Biden's dogs in spoof of Harry and Meghan interview

Oprah Winfrey has scored yet another explosive interview with one of the most talked-about duos in the country."The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" had some fun with Winfrey's bombshell sit-down with Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, and Prince Harry, on Tuesday by creating a spoof "interview" between the legendary talk show host and President Joe Biden's dogs, Major and Champ .This time, the aim was to get to the bottom of the recent biting incident involving Major and a Secret Service agent.
Major wanted to make it clear from the outset that he had not received any payment to appear on "Oprah with Major and Champ."

"I am receiving no treats," he barked.

Champ and Major are currently back at the Biden family home in Delaware after a Secret Service official confirmed to NBC News on Tuesday that Major, a 3-year-old rescue dog, had "nipped" an agent’s hand on Monday. The official added that "no skin was broken" and the injury was "extremely minor."Major is now getting his side of the story out there through Winfrey."Now I'm free to say I didn't bite the agent," Major said. "The reverse happened."

New details emerge about incident with Biden’s German shepherd

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02:56The dog's answer was a joking allusion to the former Meghan Markle claiming that rumors she made sister-in-law Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, cry before Meghan's wedding were untrue, and that it was Kate who'd made her cry.

Winfrey pushed deeper to clarify what Major was alleging.

"The agent bit me," the dog barked.

For the record, White House officials say Champ and Major didn't go from the White House to the dog house because of the minor bite. Their trip back home to Delaware was a previously scheduled short-term stay while first lady Jill Biden is on a West Coast trip.

The two dogs ended their illuminating sit-down with Winfrey by making it clear that they "would never bite anybody." They then promptly rushed off the interview set to maul a nearby mailman.