One of the skinniest dogs ever rescued by RSPCA...and look her now!

ONE of the skinniest dogs ever rescued by the RSPCA has blossomed into a treasured pet with a liking for steak served medium rare.

Skye looking skeletal after her rescue

RSCPA staff say Skye was the skinniest dog they have rescued (Image: RSPCA)

The sight of Skye the Staffie enjoying the good life with her new family is a lifetime away from the horrific skeletal figure that greeted rescuers. At under 10lb, starving Skye weighed less than a Yorkshire terrier and was on the brink of death when she arrived at an animal rescue centre. Four years later, Skye looks a picture of health as her owner reveals how the fun-loving dog has struck up a remarkable friendship with a pet lizard.

RSPCA care staff describe Skye as the skinniest dog they had ever witnessed when she arrived at the charity's Woodside Animal Centre in Leicester.

She had been only a third of the weight of a healthy female Staffordshire bull terrier when RSPCA officers carried out their rescue.

It took months of care and rehabilitation for Skye to recover steadily so she was ready to be re-homed.

For Hayley Wessier, the visit to the rescue centre back in April 2015 had originally been to get a small family pet, but spotting Skye looking out from behind the bars of her kennel won the day.

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Skye looking fit and healthy

Skye looks fit and healthy after family care (Image: RSPCA)

Skye sitting on chair

Skye loves steak dinners and family holidays (Image: RSPCA)

Hayley explained: “We originally went to look for a guinea pig or rabbit but thought we would just have a quick look at the dogs.

"That’s when we saw Skye. She would come to the bars and rollover so her belly was against the bars for us to stroke.”

Love at first sight, Skye was soon settling in with Hayley and her family at their Leicester home and striking up a remarkable friendship with another unusual household pet, a blue-tongued skink.

Hayley added: “Skye is a fantastic dog and loves everyone and everything.

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Skye and owner Hayley Wessier smiling

Things are smiles better for Skye as she plays with owner Hayley Wessier (Image: RSPCA)

"She likes to follow my lizard, George, around and they can be found sunbathing together in the garden in the summer.

“Considering what she has been through she is a very picky eater. She will only have steak if it’s medium rare.”

Now aged six, the born-again Staffie goes to doggie day care when her owners are at work and has enjoyed holidays in the Scottish Highlands and Norfolk’s wide beaches.

Skye and George the blue-tongued skink

Skye has struck up a remarkable friendship with George the skink (Image: RSPCA)

Skye looking emaciated.

Skye weighed less than 10lb when she was rescued (Image: RSPCA)

Hayley continued: “She seems very happy and I like to think she has a pretty good life now. I can’t imagine our lives without her.”

The RSPCA says Skye is one of the thousands of dogs it rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes every year. For more details of the pets looking for new homes in 2019, see: