Nora the dog can’t get enough of the pub and even has her own seat at the local

Nora the Labradoodle enjoying the pub.
To be clear, that’s not the dog’s drink (Picture: Jam Press)
Meet Nora, the adorable pup who absolutely loves the pub. Nora the adorable Labradoodle makes friends wherever she goes in her hometown of Brighton.

The socialite pup loves her usual seat at her local and turns the heads of passersby as she stands up at the bar to ask for a treat.

Having become something of a celebrity in her hometown, everyone knows Nora by name.

However, lockdown has been tough on little Nora, who has been unable to hang out with her human and doggy friends.

Dog ordering at bar
I’ll have what she’s having (Picture: Jam Press)
Owner Simon said: ‘During lockdown it just wasn’t the same for Nora as she loves people and all of her doggy friends. It’s what she thrives on.

‘At one stage, I was worried that she might be getting a bit down, especially when we passed one of her favourite pubs and she tried to get under the gate!’

Simon said he wasn’t thinking of taking home a puppy when he went to visit the Labradoodle litter.

nora the dog at the table at the pub
Nora has become a local celeb (Picture: Jam Press)
But he instantly fell in love with the little white dog and named her Nora Bing, after Chandler’s mum in his favourite TV show, Friends.

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His fluffy companion loves to swim, enjoys lie-ins and if she is tired, will head upstairs for a well-earned nap.

She’s even got her own brand of cold-pressed food, Nora Nose Best.

Simon added: ‘Nora really does know best! She is thriving on this new dog food and I am proud to have her face on every bag.’

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