Nicole Kidman shows she's a 'cat girl' with the cutest childhood photos

Nicole Kidman doesn't often share childhood photos of herself, but when she does, it’s good.

In honor of International Cat Day, the "Big Little Lies" actress took to social media Thursday to show her love for the three cats she grew up with.

Priscilla, Chauncy and Gregory were Kidman’s childhood cats in her native Australia. Kidman posted a slideshow of three pictures, each featuring herself with one of the cats.

“I’ve always been a cat girl (and now I’m a cat and dog girl!),” Kidman wrote in the caption.

Just last month Kidman announced on Instagram that she had brought a puppy into her family, mentioning that she had “been waiting my whole life for this!”

Kidman has occasionally shared family pics since joining Instagram in early 2018. She posted a throwback photo for Father's Day 2018 honoring her "Papa."

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More recently, she posted a photo of herself embracing daughters Sunday and Faith .

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