New Yorker's trick to beat rule that dogs can only travel if they fit in a bag

Dog in a blue Ikea bag in New York
Yes, that’s a dog in a blue Ikea bag (Picture: Twitter/ Christopher Sebela)

The subway in New York has a very strange rule that only permits dogs to travel on trains if they are small enough to fit in a bag.

While it does not affect Chihuahuas sitting pretty in designer handbags, it does affect any dog bigger than a Jack Russell.

New Yorkers, however, are never one to shy away from a challenge.

It just means they have to get creative if they want their pets beside them on their journeys into town.

Enter the blue Ikea bag, which as it turns out, is a perfect travel sack for small to medium dogs.

This woman’s stroke of genius was to cut out four leg holes for her dog, who fits perfectly inside its carrier bag.

my favorite lifehack is NYC residents who follow the "your dog must fit in a bag to ride the subway" rule on the slimmest technicalities possible

— Christopher Sebela (@xtop)

It also looks exceptionally happy to be there.

Writer Christopher Sebela saw the woman’s masterpiece yesterday and praised her ‘lifehack’.

He tweeted: ‘My favorite lifehack is NYC residents who follow the “your dog must fit in a bag to ride the subway” rule on the slimmest technicalities possible.’

Once your dog has removed all of the fabric from the ball, you can stuff the scraps right back in!

Another commuter, with a somewhat larger dog, tried his luck back in April.

He had his big fluffy dog in a burlap sack which he had managed to hoist over his shoulder, as if it was some kind of extra-large tote bag.

Saw this guy arguing with an @MTA conductor about bringing his dog on the subway. Dude said the dog’s burlap sack was a bag; conductor said nope, wouldn’t let him on the train. @Gothamist @A_W_Gordon @2AvSagas #NYCSubway

— Will Sabel Courtney (@WillSCourtney)

But the conductor was having none of it and refused to let him board the train.

The Metro Transit Authority received a backlash last year after they told a commuter on Twitter to call 911 if they saw a dog without a bag on the subway.

They soon backtracked and said 911 should only be used in an emergency.

There’s even an Instagram account dedicated to the lengths New Yorkers will go to get their beloved pets on board.